Fleet Drivers Need Support From Logistics and Freight Industry

UK: The truck driving industry in Britain has never had the basis of a cohesive structure ensuring a safety net in what can be a very hazardous occupation.

The varying size of companies, from one man bands to multinational freight corporations means that the level of support for individual commercial drivers when things go wrong can vary from the corporate scheme run by a global logistics supplier to assist in difficult circumstances down to absolutely zero help, at the very time when things get desperate.

As the years pass it becomes all the more obvious that when disaster strikes, a serious injury at work, debilitating illness or a genuine family crisis, the need for outside assistance is paramount and it was exactly this thought that brought about the birth of lorry drivers charity the Professional Drivers Foundation (PDF).

Unfortunately successfully helping people in dire straits means the bills simply continue to rise and the Foundation has had to redouble its efforts to try and assist in a host of heartbreaking cases with a constant drain on its meager funds. Virtually all the funds raised have been donated from lorry drivers and their families to help colleagues in need. Last year in particular, the PDF found its services in demand more than ever before leaving funds extremely low.

Now, following a successful auction last month, the organization has appealed for individuals to raise the essential funds it now needs by completing sponsored events, and Steve Jackson, planning manager at Brett Logistics has stepped forward to quite literally 'Run the Gauntlet' for the Professional Drivers Foundation.

Steve used to be a lorry driver, and it's still a profession dear to his heart and in view of this he is preparing to step out from behind his desk and hit the road not once, but twice and run TWO Half Marathons for the PDF. His first challenge will be to complete the Great North Run in September, followed by the infamous Run the Gauntlet event, held in Ireland in November.

Run the Gauntlet is widely acknowledged as Ireland's toughest half marathon due to the elevation changes on the course through the Gap of Dunloe between the beautiful Lakes of Killarney and Steve needs all the help and encouragement he can get to help him face up to what will be a very tough challenge. For more information and to encourage Steve to train on a daily basis, please sponsor him and encourage him to make the supreme effort required to complete these two events.

The amount you can afford isn't important as every little helps to encourage Steve to turn out and train on a daily basis. It is essential for him to see that target rising every cold and dreary day he pounds the local roads in an effort to get super fit.

Donating couldn't be easier you just have to click here to reach Steve's charity page and remember every penny goes to support lorry drivers in need of help. If you feel you or your company could help by running a sponsored event contact the PDF at pat.nicholson@tiscali.co.uk.