Kellogg Co. Recognizes DSC Logistics As Top Diverse Supplier

Receives Kellogg’s first Diamond Club award, which applauds diverse suppliers that it spends more than $25 million with annually.

Des Plaines, IL: DSC Logistics was presented with the newly created "Diamond Club" recognition at Kellogg Co.'s annual Diversity Recognition Event in Battle Creek, MI. The Diamond Club recognizes diverse supplier companies with which Kellogg spends $25 million or more annually.

The partnership between DSC and Kellogg dates back to 1988. Since that time, DSC has consistently demonstrated its strength as a supply chain partner to Kellogg, growing the business and winning multiple awards through the years, including Kellogg's Top Gun award for excellence in service, cost, quality and innovation.

Ann Drake, chief executive officer of DSC Logistics, comments, "All of us at DSC appreciate the recognition of our strong partnership with Kellogg, and we are very proud of our Diamond Club recognition. It is rewarding to be involved in a partnership that can adapt and succeed through the changing business environment."

Kellogg has had a supplier diversity program in place for over 20 years. In 2009, the company spent more than $400 million on goods and services from minority- and woman-owned businesses. DSC has been recognized in the past with Kellogg as a "Platinum Club" member, which consisted of minority- and woman-owned businesses doing more than $10 million in business with Kellogg.

"Kellogg is growing as an organization, and we are looking for suppliers to grow with us," states Debbie Magers, vice president, global procurement, Kellogg. "We recognize that helping our suppliers develop is critical for our continued success." As a result, we created the "Diamond Club" to recognize diverse companies with which we spent $25 million or more. Without this growth from our suppliers, our own growth as a company would not be sustainable."

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