TEKLYNX Print Automation Solution Increases Print Speed and Labeling Accuracy for Dot Foods

TEKLYNX's print automation solution, SENTINEL, improved label accuracy, efficiency and industry compliance for Dot Foods.

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TEKLYNX International reported that a multi-location implementation of print automation solution, SENTINEL, significantly improved labeling accuracy, efficiency and industry compliance for North American food re-distributor, Dot Foods.

Dot Foods experienced growth within their 14 distribution centers which prompted a re-evaluation of their labeling operations. Dot Foods’ distribution centers, located in the United States, Canada and Mexico, drove demand for new, modern label templates as well as new printers to satisfy their labeling needs. With their previous label design software provider, Dot Foods was struggling to meet security requirements with their internal High Availability (HA) standards and were using outdated label files that had difficulty communicating with modern in-house printers. 

“We were using a different platform from a different vendor and we were outgrowing them as well as having trouble with support,” states Troy Schenk, Dot Foods warehouse systems manager. “We looked at about a dozen different software vendors and then chose TEKLYNX to be our label platform moving forward. We chose TEKLYNX because of the support and ease of use. The partnership was a good fit for us.”

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Dot Foods sought a labeling solution that could print to their 300+ printers, meet their internal labeling security requirements to maintain an HA environment, integrate seamlessly with their existing WMS system, JDA, and improve reliability within their labeling environment. The TEKLYNX Enterprise Team determined that CODESOFT, TEKLYNX advanced barcode label creation and integration software and SENTINEL, TEKLYNX print automation solution would be the right fit for Dot Foods. The implementation of CODESOFT and SENTINEL drove significant labeling improvements for Dot Foods. Most notably, the WMS labeling integration positioned Dot Foods to increase print speed and improve labeling accuracy to 99%.

Dot Foods’ implementation of TEKLYNX CODESOFT and SENTINEL led to other labeling efficiencies such as:

  • Automated instantaneous print jobs to 300+ printers within their 14 distribution centers across North America
  • Gained efficiency with portable printers that seamlessly integrated with internal Android applications
  • Continued compliance with internal security standards by implementing reliable software

“One of TEKLYNX’ greatest assets is our ability to work in close partnership with our customers to help them barcode better,” states Doug Niemeyer, TEKLYNX General Manager. “We take great pride in knowing that our enterprise-level automated label printing solution improves accuracy and increases efficiency, positioning Dot Foods to keep driving growth within the food industry supply chain.”