Velant Cracks Wise

Wise Foods adopts transportation management solution to optimize truck routes

Atlanta  November 29, 2001  Sometimes a salty dog can learn a new trick.

Salty snack company Wise Foods dipped its chip in the e-logistics space this week with the announcement that the company is implementing a transportation planning solution.

Solution provider Velant is to provide Wise with optimized route plans for the company's Atlanta-based truck fleet under the agreement announced today. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Velant's president and CEO, Dr. Don Ratliff, said that by using his company's technology to plan and maintain truck routes, Wise could expect to benefit from an overall improvement in distribution strategy, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiencies.

"Our Transportation Management Center solution produces routes to meet all of Wise's business and delivery constraints, ensuring that the company hits customer service windows while reducing the miles run by the fleet," Ratliff said. "As the distribution and planning processes are streamlined, Wise will also see an improvement in delivery and sales productivity, and longer-term, a reduction in assets."

Founded in 1921, Wise Foods is known for its Wise Potato Chips and Cheez Doodles, among other salty snacks.