Special Report: Corrugated Buyer 2023 Strategies

Two years ago, surging demand for corrugated boxes sparked the first of four price increases, but the tide has turned. There are new opportunities for corrugated box buyers.

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After recent major increases, the collapse in old corrugated container (“OCC”) prices, expansions in production capacity and a decline in overall box demand, Green Markets Box Report believes corrugated box buyers can choose some unorthodox strategies to get the most out of potentially falling prices in the first half of 2023.

For example as box contracts are renewed or negotiated over the next few months, buyers may push for more favorable escalator and de-escalator clauses in an attempt to capitalize on looming downturns in pricing.

In this special report from Green Markets Box Report you’ll understand recent corrugated price drivers and inhibitors; gain clarity on what to watch for regarding 2023 corrugated box buying terms; learn the advantages and strategies behind “meeting box sellers in the middle”; and get an objective, data driven outlook on where 2023 containerboard prices are headed.

Special Report: Corrugated Buyer 2023 Strategies is market guidance that no procurement professional should miss!