Generation Farms Develops Enhanced Logistics Program

Generation Farms has created an industry-leading in-house logistics department to better serve their customers.

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Generation Farms has created an industry-leading in-house logistics department to better serve their customers.

“Logistics is an after-thought to many growing operations, but we see it as a way to improve service to our customers and give them a competitive advantage in their markets through more reliable, faster and lower cost delivery of our fresh produce,” said Gastón Marquevich, CEO.

Based in Doral, FL, the new division is being led by transportation and logistics veterans Gabriel Znidarcic, logistics manager, and Orestes Espinoza, logistics operator. “The secret to efficient logistics is having good technology tools for load management, combined with strong relationships with truck owner-operators and transport companies,” said Znidarcic. “And we have both.”

With combined logistics experience of nearly thirty years, Znidarcic and Espinoza have developed extensive relationships with trusted truck owner-operators throughout the East-Coast. They have also worked extensively in international shipping and will be expediting the importing and exporting of Generation Farms products throughout the globe, including garlic from Argentina and Sweet Onions from Peru.

“Because we are in-house and have constant contact with our harvest operations, we can better plan our loads and coordinate with our trucking broker partners and drivers. The efficiency gains and cost savings benefit everyone in our supply chain,” said Espinoza.  

Superior load management results in fewer trucks and fewer trips, reducing the cost and carbon footprint from trucking operations, which supports Generation Farms’ sustainability initiatives. Generation Farms is also making great strides and efforts to work with owner-operators whose trucks meet the California Freight and Transport regulations, the most stringent in the nation.

“Controlling logistics adds to our vertical integration, giving us more control to maintain the quality of our products, and allows us to better serve our customers,” added Marquevich.