Emerson Incorporates 4G/Cat-M Technology into Next Generation GO Real-Time Tracker

Emerson announced the release of its next-generation GO Real-Time Tracker based on 4G/Cat-M technology.

Go Real Time 4 G Cat M Tracker Feb2020 2 Mb

Emerson announced the release of its next-generation GO Real-Time Tracker based on 4G/Cat-M technology. This latest innovation compliments Emerson’s full suite of tracker products and helps ensure access to critical cold chain data in a dynamic and changing cellular landscape.

As global cellular communications providers are phasing down their 2G and 3G networks, Emerson is leading the cold chain industry by providing reliable connectivity through emerging technologies such as Category M, or “Cat-M” and Narrow Band Internet of Things, or “NB-IoT”. Major carriers have already rolled out extensive infrastructure to accommodate these new networks which will enable the continued expansion of IoT applications like those used for cargo monitoring.

The new GO Real-Time 4G/Cat-M Tracker can monitor in-transit conditions such as temperature, location, light, and humidity for up to 20 days of continuous operation. The tracker can be configured to notify users in real-time via text or email if any adverse conditions arise during shipment. The unit includes 2G connectivity as a fallback for regions that have yet to upgrade their cellular infrastructures and will also accommodate emerging 5G networks, as they become available. Emerson plans to release additional 4G/Cat-M models with expanded in-use life of up to 60 days in the coming months.

“We provide real-time data, insights and intervention services that allow our customers to take meaningful action for their valuable in-transit cargo,” said Frank Landwehr, vice president and general manager, Cargo Solutions for Emerson. “We look forward to helping our customers navigate the cellular transition so they can continue to use our services to deliver their highly valued cargo safely and on time to their customers.”

Emerson now provides a full suite of 2G, 2G/3G, and now 4G/Cat-M trackers in both single-use and reusable models. Customers can track their shipments by using Oversight the cloud-based portal or Oversight mobile application to track their shipments in real time, from start to finish. To download the app or for more information on end-to-end cold chain monitoring solutions, visit Emerson.com/Cargo.

Pre-production samples of the new GO Real-Time 4G/Cat-M Trackers are available now with production quantities available in Q2 of 2020. Your sales representative will contact you soon to discuss your transition plans in advance of the 2G turndown in the U.S. and Canada that will happen later this year.