MicroStar Logistics And Ballast Point Brewing Grow Together

MicroStar Logistics and Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits are pleased to announce a multi-year extension of their on-going partnership.

"The Ballast Point/MicroStar partnership represents what's great about our industry. It's all about collaboration," said Ballast Point President and  General Manager Jim Buechler. "By participating in MicroStar's pooled-keg model, we all benefit from increased flexibility to help us grow our businesses. In addition, by reducing the miles empty kegs travel, MicroStar helps reduce our industry's carbon footprint making us all more sustainable."

Since joining the MicroStar program in 2008, Ballast Point has grown. This trend is poised to continue as the brewery prepares to bring their total capacity up to over 300,000 bbls over the next few years. MicroStar takes responsibility for repair and maintenance and eliminates the risk of loss or potential slow turns. By choosing MicroStar instead of owning their own kegs, Ballast Point has also reduced their carbon footprint by over 70,000 kg of CO2e in 2013 alone, based on an analysis by Dr. John Heckman of PE International. That is equivalent to saving the amount of CO2e emitted by burning 75,000 pounds of coal.

"Ballast Point is the kind of brewery that led me to recently join the MicroStar team," said MicroStar's new president and CEO, Michael Hranicka.  "Their deep commitment to quality and innovation line up with the solutions MicroStar strives to deliver every day. And the fact that their team loves what they do and brews amazing beer, recently winning two awards at the World Beer Cup, is proof that they continue to grow while staying true to their core values."