Technology Sweetens Cold Chain Efficiency for Southern Ice Cream

Tightened budgets & worker shortages aren't budging anytime soon. To combat this, Southern Ice Cream company turned to a standalone solution that decreased drive time, streamlined route processes, and increased profits. Read the case study & find out how.

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The last few years have proven the critical role that transportation logistic companies play in the supply chain. Each step of the delivery process requires accuracy, speed, and precision. This pressure comes alongside tightened budgets, labor shortages, and increased demand to get products to the end consumer as quickly as possible.

All too often, this pressure falls on transportation logistic companies. But the right automation technology help bring optimized routes, managed inventory, and a better customer experience across the finish line. When considering route logistic technology, make sure your solutions will set you up for success today, and scale easily tomorrow.

Deploy solutions that are:

  • Drop-in ready and can integrate seamlessly with your existing RMS
  • Backed by benefits like printhead perks, lifetime customer support, and industry-leading warranties
  • Designed to withstand rugged in-cab and in-aisle environments and powered by a long-lasting battery
  • Able to print critical documents like proof-of-delivery receipts, sorting and shipping labels, invoices, tickets, driver logs, bills of lading, hours of service, permits, and more with ease
  • Easy to train new and veteran drivers alike to use

For Southern Ice Cream company, choosing a solution that accounted for inventory management, route optimization, and delivering a great experience was a no-brainer. Discover how they were able to produce critical documents quickly and accurately at every inventory and delivery juncture, without returning to the warehouse. 

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