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It’s a new way to work.  Ai2’s industry-leading software for sales solution is now available for the iPad®, the world’s most exciting mobile computer.  Information is power, and is the key to increasing sales in each account and improving customer satisfaction. 

ProSel™ will enable your organization to enter a new era in mobile computing.  ProSel will allow your company to differentiate itself and increase sales.  ProSel will shorten the time it takes for order entry so you never leave the customer’s side and create a more intimate atmosphere.  All the information your sales team needs to answer questions at the point of sale is at their fingertips.  ProSel is so intuitive, your sales force will require almost no training.  What’s more, you get the advantage of all the other business-centric applications the iPad and App Store have to offer.  Wow your customers and learn how ProSel can transform the way you work today.


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