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Web Reporting, GPS Tracking, and Account History

DRTrack posts fleet routing data from Direct Route to the web and provides online access to route schedules, real-time GPS tracking, and historical reporting.  The system provides companies with many benefits including:

  • Planned Versus Actual Hours, Miles, and Times
  • Real-Time Route Progress Tracking
  • Historical Performance Reports
  • Time Per Stop Data
  • Truck Speed Mapping
  • Online Delivery Schedules
  • Geographic Volume Reports
  • Summary and Detailed Fleet Route Reports
  • Planned Versus Actual Driven Paths
  • Driver Performance Reports
  • Out-Of-Route Mileage Tracking
  • Account History Reports
  • Custom Database Queries
  • Miles by State Reporting

Historical Data
How many hours and miles were needed for deliveries today and how many deliveries were behind schedule? How much volume was delivered to a specific region for the past month?  DRTrack provides this type of information and allows management to make informed decisions regarding fleet operations.  Maybe you need to see how many partial truckloads were dispatched to a region last week or how many routes were needed in order to meet current delivery time parameters.  With DRTrack, this data is simply a click away.  The system incorporates a comprehensive database with web-based access to reports, queries, and historical data.  This combination allows companies to access vital fleet routing information and streamline operations based on meaningful data rather than conjecture or estimates.

Company Branding
DRTrack incorporates your company’s unique graphics and provides consistent branding to clients and internal personnel.  Customers can view their scheduled delivery time online and experience the same look and feel as other company correspondence. Outside facilities and fleet personnel can also access route information without being physically located next to route planning or being in constant communication.  The system provides a hands-off way of storing and retrieving route data while incorporating your unique branding.