AutoStore's Micro-Fulfillment Solution Redefines E-Commerce, In-Store Customer Experience

AutoStore's modular, highly-automated e-commerce in-store fulfillment solution is compact enough to be placed almost anywhere in-store.

Auto Store Redefining Retail Grocery Store

AutoStore has redefined the e-commerce in-store customer experience with a revolutionary micro-fulfillment solution.

Perfectly designed for retail in-store micro-fulfillment, AutoStore's modular, highly-automated e-commerce in-store fulfillment solution is compact enough to be placed almost anywhere in-store, and equipped to fulfill online retail orders fast and efficiently. It can operate in the center of a store, in a backroom of a store, in a dark store or can be located in a small corner of a warehouse. 

"AutoStore's micro-fulfillment solution delivers the flexibility and scalability needed for streamlining automated online retail fulfillment, which is absolutely critical to accommodate increasingly higher numbers of SKUs and seasonal spikes in ordering," says Karl Johan Lier, president and CEO of AutoStore. "This solution gives retailers the flexibility to make more targeted decisions about where they believe automated e-commerce in-store fulfillment will be most beneficial."

The tipping point for micro-fulfillment centers is being able to store more product in the same space, regardless of the footprint available or where the demand is located. 

AutoStore provides the highest density of cubic space utilization of any automated storage and pick system. Modular in design, its micro-fulfillment solution can easily be configured to fit different store ceiling heights and obstacles. 

The efficient design and functionality of AutoStore's e-commerce micro-fulfillment pick-up points play a critical role in maintaining high-volume throughput for output workstations. Associates can consolidate e-commerce orders in less than 10 minutes, and put them back in the system for customers to collect at any time. And, orders can be retrieved from the system in just a few minutes. Customers can decide their preferred option to collect pre-picked orders, whether in-store, curbside or home delivery.

AutoStore consists of a three-dimensional aluminum grid system of self-supporting bins that are moved to pick stations by independently-operating robots, providing swift and accurate movement of orders.

Each robot has two sets of wheels that enable it to move along perpendicular axes. This makes it possible for all robots to reach any position and any bin on the grid independently – virtually eliminating the possibility of single-point system failure, providing near 100 percent system availability. 

"E-commerce fulfillment presents a significant challenge for retail stores," says Lier. "AutoStore's technology and extensive use-case experience is now being leveraged for extremely efficient micro-fulfillment of online orders in-store. Essentially, we have redefined the e-commerce in-store customer experience."