Zebra Makes Third AI Acquisition in 2 Years

Zebra Technologies moves further into the artificial intelligence space with its acquisition of atuit.ai.

metamorworks/Adobe Stock

Zebra Technologies announces its third acquisition of an artificial intelligence company in the last year, exhibiting the growth of artificial intelligence in the supply chain. Zebra takes control of antuit.ai, whose AI software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions will now be included in zebra's SaaS portfolio, after the acquisition expectedly closes towards the end of this year. 

Per Zebra Technologies

  • Antuit.ai, owned by a consortium led by Goldman Sachs Asset Management, utilizes AI and machine learning algorithms to ensure its customers have the right product in the right place, at the right time, at the right price based on the current state of the supply chain, store inventory, and consumer demand. 
  • Antuit.ai enables retailers to deliver on their omnichannel strategy by increasing margins with effective prices and promotions, as well as optimizing inventory allocations and order fulfillment. With antuit.ai, consumer products companies can maximize forecast accuracy; anticipate consumer demand to meet retailers’ service level, shelf-level, store-level, and e-commerce orders; optimize pricing and trade promotions; and unify sales, trade and demand planning. 

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