Starbucks Connects Coffee Makers, Refrigerators to the Cloud

Coffee maker plans to link more Clover coffee-brewing machines, refrigerators and other appliances to could-based technology

A story from Bloomberg this week says that Starbucks plans to double the number of its Clover coffee-brewing machines over the next year, machines that connect to the cloud and track customer preferences. Starbucks also plans to hook up refrigerators and appliances, allow recipes to be digitally updated, and help staffers remotely monitor a coffee maker’s performance, determine whether milk is spoiled and more as they move more operations to the cloud using the newest Web technology.

They may be the first, but they are certainly not the last, considering the market for Web-connected devices, other than smartphones and computers, is expected to triple to $27 billion by 2016, according to Cisco Systems Inc. To read more, click HERE.