World Retail Congress: Embrace Online "or Perish"

CEO of omni-channel consultant tells retailers at convention they need to "transform or perish" as online sales continue to grow

Tony Stockil, CEO of European omni-channel retail consultants Javelin Group, told attendees at the World Retail Congress in Paris this week that even though only 10% of the UK's retail sales last year were carried out online, "in all markets there is rapid growth that is creating significant opportunities for retailers," and that it is "critical" for retailers to have an online presence to drive traffic into stores.

Retailers need to "transform themselves or perish" as the growth of the online channel picks up pace. Stockil used online giant Amazon as an example - "This is a monster and is threatening everybody's retail business, regardless of the category. AmazonFresh is being rolled out and they think they have the model right now." To read more, click HERE.