SCN Summit | Cannabis Over State Lines

December 1, 2020
December 1, 2020

Cannabis isn’t legal in every state, so how do 3PLs and others in the transportation industry deal with state lines vs. state-by-state regulations? This roundtable discussion offers insight into how to get cannabis and cannabis-infused products from coast to coast.

10 a.m. CST

Track 1: How Technology is Critical to Cannabis Supply Chain & Distribution

 Art Smuck, COO of HERBL, partnered with JDA/Blue Yonder to bring next-level supply chain sophistication to cannabis industry. Can discuss how technology is critical to the cannabis supply chain and distribution.

Noon CST

Track 2: Interstate Commerce of Cannabis

 Joyce Cenali, partner and COO of Big Rock Partners, and Adam Smith, founder and director of Alliance for Sensible Markets, discuss how to educate and lobby for cross-border and interstate commerce of cannabis, including the rationale, the pros and cons, the consequences from all sides and more.

2 p.m. CST

Track 3: How Inventory Management Technology Handles Different State Regulations

Celia Carter, CEO of Roshi, discusses inventory management technology for the cannabis and hemp industries and how it works when dealing with states of different regulations.

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