SCN Summit | In-Store vs. Online—How Automation & Robotics are Changing the Way Consumers Shop

September 29, 2020
September 29, 2020

Discover how consumer trends continue to transform the grocery retail landscape from brick-and-mortar to e-retailers and back again. Learn how the “New Normal” proved that in-store and online customers can be one and the same. And, check out how automation and robotics helped retailers keep product moving to consumers, from all channels.

10 a.m. CST

Track 1: Evolution of Retail

Vish Putcha, senior manager strategy of supply chain for Walmart, discusses overall trends impacting the evolution of brick-and-mortar retail.

Noon CST

Track 2: How Automation Achieves Contact-Free Shopping in B2C & B2B Channels

Bruce Williams, CEO of Haultail, discusses the need for adaptive technology to achieve contact-free shopping as well as the unique challenges in automation for B2C vs. B2B channels.

2 p.m. CST

Track 3: B2E is the New Supply Chain

Steve Denton, CEO of Ware2Go, a UPS company, discusses key differentiators of the B2E model, associated growth measures, concrete steps to adopting the B2E model and building a dynamic supply chain.

4 p.m. CST

Track 4: Emerging From COVID-19: Why Better Data Sharing between CPGs and Retailers is Critical

Inna Kuznetsova, CEO of 1010data, reviews the COVID-19-related stock-outs witnessed as a result of sudden, unprecedented lurches in consumer demand, and discusses the critical role data sharing between CPGs and retailers will play in predicting demand, understanding inventory levels at a store level and the role these play in adjusting supply chains on the fly.

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