Frequently Asked Questions to Top Software & Technology Solutions Award

1.     How do I submit a nomination?

Go to and complete the electronic nomination form. Applications emailed to Food Logistics’ and Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s staff, submitted through social media channels and/or sent directly to the judges will not be eligible.

2.      How long should my responses be?

There is no word count or character limit to the responses. In fact, the more information, the better.

3.      Is there a limit to the number of nominations I can submit?

Please limit one submission per new solution/technology per company. Companies can submit more than one submission, but all submissions must be for the same solution/technology. The first category is $99; each additional category is $59. Payment for all categories required upon completion of nomination.

4.      If my company won this award in previous years, are we still eligible to submit a nomination this year?

Yes, we love repeat winners. As long as it’s a different solution/technology from previous years.

5.      I submitted my nomination. What’s next?

Thank you for submitting your nomination. Now we wait until submissions close before we can begin the vetting process.

6.      How will I know if my company won?

After submissions close, Food Logistics’ and Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s editorial staff will need a couple of weeks to vet the nominations. Once winners have been selected, they will receive an email with additional instructions, embargo information, etc.

7.      Can I make changes to the nomination after I hit submit?

No, unfortunately you cannot make edits or changes to the nomination after it’s been submitted electronically.

8.      Do I need to submit logos, headshots or anything at time of submission?

There will be places throughout the submission process asking for company logo, jpg of the new solution/technology and the option to upload a press release, however none of them are mandatory to complete the submission.

9.      What is the entry fee?

The entry fee is $99 for the first category and $59 for each additional category. Payment for all categories selected is required upon completion of nomination.

10.  How do I pay for the submission?

Payment will be processed at the time of submission via secure credit card checkout.

11.  How is my submission judged?

Vetting of the submissions is based on the ability to outline in detail the specifics of the software and/or technology solution in the nomination form, including details about its benefits to the supply chain industry, its innovative advantage over the competition, any ESG functionality, etc. Those submissions lacking specifics may not be considered. Case in point: The more information, the better. Feel free to include details from press releases or your own website.

12.  Who is vetting the submissions?

Honorees are vetted by Food Logistics’ and Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s editorial staff.

13.  What do the winners receive?

The five overall category winners will receive the full promotional package (video interview, social posts, etc.) and a plaque.

14.  I want to submit a nomination, but the submission date is closed. Can I still submit a nomination?

No, Food Logistics and Supply & Demand Chain Executive will not accept any past due submissions. Once the deadline has passed, nominations are closed.

15.  What if my submission doesn’t win, or my entry isn’t eligible. Will I receive a refund?

No, there are no refunds given with this award, regardless if you win or not. If you think your submission may not be eligible, please read through the criteria or email Editor-in-Chief Marina Mayer at [email protected].

16. When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced mid-December in Food Logistics' Nov/Dec print issue and online at and