FL 100: Bouncing Back With Technology

Software, hardware and IT service providers report the food industry is still a strong vertical for them.

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For the seventh year in a row, Food Logistics has identified the top 100 technology and solution providers to the food industry. The FL100 is a listing of software, hardware and IT service providers that focus on the unique technology needs of the food distribution business.

These companies are selected based on their proven track records and expertise in providing food companies with the tools to help them meet business objectives.

In addition to the listings, we’ve provided charts that list 18 categories of technology solutions and identifies which solutions each of the FL100 offers.

The FL100 is not a ranking—the alphabetical listing has been designed to help readers find the right solution partners to overcome their supply chain challenges.







AFS Technologies Inc., Phoenix
Year founded: 1986        
Number of employees: 160        
Number of food customers: 1,200           
Solution name(s): AFS Technologies offers a vast array of solutions for the food and beverage industry. A few of AFS Technologies’ solutions include: AFS ERP, AFS Warehousing & Logistics, AFS Order Management, Discovery, PROFILE, Promo Assist, Compass Forecast, Rebate Assist, AFS Mobile Solutions, and more.
Business benefits: They can achieve this by successfully adapting available and affordable technologies in areas of the supply chain such as: trade spend and promotion, warehouse productivity, reduction of errors, product traceability and improved communications.


Agentrics, Chicago
Year founded: 2005        
Number of employees: 500        
Number of food customers: 50
Solution name(s): Agentrics Spend Management & Contracts; Agentrics Product Lifecycle Management; Agentrics Supply Chain Synchronization; Agentrics Integration, Communication & Collaboration
Business benefits: Agentrics solutions and services enable companies of all sizes to source the best products, reduce out-of-stocks, foster a collaborative supply chain, develop more private label products and meet the needs of the consumer. Retailers and suppliers benefit from training and onboarding services to ensure optimal results from their technology investments.


Aldata Solution, Atlanta
Year founded: 1986        
Number of employees: 526
Number of food customers: 315              
Solution name(s): Aldata G.O.L.D. —The software suite includes modules for merchandising, sales, replenishment, logistics and store operations; Aldata Apollo Space Optimization—A collection of software solutions that provide customers the ability to automate planogram production while enabling consistent, accurate execution of category plans and new product launches at any required granular level; Aldata Cosmic Assortment Optimization—An analytical software solution that calculates the optimum mix of products to meet shopper, supplier and retailer objectives.
Business benefits: It’s critical that retailers meet shoppers evolving needs at affordable prices. Solutions like master data management, promotional forecasting and automatic replenishment help retailers better manage inventory and predict consumer demand, increasing customer loyalty, reducing expenses and streamlining the supply chain.


Appian Logistics Software Inc., Oklahoma City, OK
Year founded: 1988        
Number of employees: 25          
Number of food customers: 100+            
Solution name(s): Direct Route; DRTrack; ResourcePro; SchedulePro; Continuous Move Planner; TerritoryPro
Business benefits: Fleet routing optimization and real-time GPS tracking tools help companies plan better routes, resolve problems in real time and uncover opportunities for cost reductions on a continuing basis.


Aspen Logistics Inc., Temecula, CA         
Year founded: 1978        
Number of employees: 600        
Number of food customers: 70+              
Solution name(s): MyAspenLive.com (customer portal) instant access via internet connection to our YMS, WMS, TMS. The new functionality of recall reports empowers customers to quickly react to recalls by providing them all information on SKU/Lot seemlessly.
Business benefits: Technology is an enabler, especially in today’s economic environment. It’s a platform upon which higher productivity can be achieved with less time and effort. By implementing the right technologies a firm can maximize its output and achieve its greatest return.


Blue Sky TechnologiesBlue Sky Technologies Inc., Coppell, TX
Year founded: 2003        
Number of employees: 7            
Number of food customers: 40 
Solution name(s): Insight; JanusAMS; Data Vault; Insight—Speed by Road Segment
Business benefits: Especially in these economic times, many food logistics companies are using Blue Sky Technologies to find all the “quarters hidden in the sofa” of their supply chain operations. By simply providing companies with the tools to analyze their current operations, and point out areas of labor, product and asset inefficiencies, Blue Sky can put significant money back into your operations.


Cadec GlobalCadec Global Inc., Manchester, NH
Year founded: 1976        
Number of employees: 50          
Number of food customers: 60
Solution name(s): PowerVue; Mobius
Business benefits: Companies are under increasing pressure to effectively manage their supply chain to better serve their customers. Inadequate end-to-end supply chain visibility and siloed operations result in high operating costs and poor service levels. Companies are realizing the need to enhance the supply chain user experience, accelerate decision-making and increase collaboration with partners in an extended supply chain. Most current supply chain tools are not mature in providing comprehensive end-to-end information visibility. Moreover, they have limited capabilities when it comes to supporting rapid and dynamic supply chain analysis needs. Cadec brings market solutions that address these crucial requirements.


CAMS Software Corp.CAMS Software Corp.,  New Westminster, BC, Canada
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 11          
Number of food customers: 25 
Solution name(s): CAMS Professional; CAMS Prospero; CAMS Progress;CAMS Profiler
Business benefits: CAMS Software has successfully become the leader in grocery transportation systems by listening to our clients and understanding your business, and then by providing products and services designed to assist you in running your business more efficiently and more profitably. Whether it’s enterprise-wide visibility of transportation data or backhaul revenue optimization programs, or driver efficiency and incentive programs, or just increased efficiency in your transportation department, CAMS provides our clients with the best-of-breed solutions to maximize your investment in technology and give you the competitive advantage you need in your industry of razor-thin margins.


CaseStack Inc.CaseStack Inc., Santa Monica, CA            
Year founded: 1999        
Number of employees: 115        
Number of food customers: 700              
Solution name(s): Transportation Services; Retailer Consolidation; Full Outsourcing; Valued Added Services
Business benefits: With retailers clamoring for greater compliance and consumers demanding the lowest possible price, the key to streamlined and efficient logistics remains technology. With the right application to manage orders and inventory, manufacturers can use such programs to connect their operations with their logistics provider and their retailers, bridging the gap and fostering collaboration. This increases visibility, allows for greater forecasting and reporting and provides key partners the ability to monitor shipments, customize order attributes and decrease the use of resources and the lapse of time. As collaboration and innovative technology make their way across the logistics industry, retailers will see improved supplier performance in the short term and prices will naturally fall in the long term, allowing for a greater potential for increased sales.


Cass Information Systems Inc.Cass Information Systems Inc., Bridgeton, MO
Year founded: 1906        
Number of employees: 950        
Number of food customers: 25+              
Solution name(s): Transportation Expense Management through freight invoice audit payment and business intelligence services.             
Business benefits: Technology should focus on automating the complex freight rating and audit process; conversion of carriers to receipt of electronic payments; and leveraging web based information delivery of financial and transportation data to eliminate manual processes and attain more efficient systems.


CDC Software, Shanghai, China
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 1,400    
Number of food customers: 2,000           
Solution name(s): Ross ERP; CDC Factory; CDC Supply Chain; Pivotal CRM
Business benefits: Manufacturers should focus their attention on improving the individual performance of their workers. Install technology that helps the workforce take action in real time to resolve the problem or improve the outcome that ultimately will impact real costs.


CombineNet, Pittsburgh, PA     
Year founded: 2000        
Number of employees: 60          
Number of food customers: 14 
Solution name(s): Advanced Sourcing Application Platform (ASAP)          
Business benefits: Customers of CombineNet’s Advanced Sourcing Application Platform are finding the immediate savings they need to survive in these challenging economic times, helping to reduce costs of supply from the sourcing of raw materials through delivery of final product to consumers.


Container and Pooling Solutions (CAPS), Livonia, MI
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 28          
Number of food customers: 95 
Solution name(s): CAPS-TRAC Suite—container tracking and management, including: APS-Scan; CAPSxchange; CAPS-Trac; CAPS-aTrac—aggregate tracking; CAPS-iTrac—individual tracking; CAPS-315 tote rental (trip or term rental of plastic collapsible IBCs); CAPS One-Way 275-gallon corrugated tote for shipping liquids;
Lifecycle Management Solutions—cleaning, repair, recycling
Business benefits: In a challenging economy, the use of technology such as CAPS-TRAC, allows users to efficiently manage and track their assets, ultimately helping them to optimize their supply chain (reduce premium freight), minimize loss, provide bill back accountability for damages and save the capital required to replace materials.


Daifuku Co. Ltd., Osaka, Japan  
Year founded: 1937        
Number of employees: 5,663
Number of food customers: 5,325+
Solution name(s): Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS); Sorting & Picking Systems (including Sorting Transfer Vehicle); Conveyor & Vehicle Systems; Containers & Carts; Warehouse Management Software
Business benefits: Daifuku assists customers with each step of material handling from planning to proposal, design, manufacturing, installation, after-sales service and facility retrofits. Our systems streamline processes, recapture floor space and improve productivity.


Datex Inc., Clearwater, FL
Year founded: 1978        
Number of employees: 85          
Number of food customers: 650              
Solution name(s): Footprint WMS; Footprint 3PL WMS; Footprint YMS; Footprint TMS; Footprint FMS
Business benefits: Our solution provides our clients with real time visibility and traceability for the entire supply chain. Short term, the solution will reduce the manual data entry and redundancy required from legacy systems. Long term, the solution will reduce the impact of recalls and reduce the time required to research and trace LOT information.


DemandTec Inc., San Mateo, CA              
Year founded: 1999        
Number of employees: 313
Number of food customers: 200+            
Solution name(s): Retail Industry Solutions;Retail Software Services; Consumer Products Solutions; Consumer Products Software Services; Collaboration Platform; Analytical Services; Consulting Services
Business benefits: DemandTec enables retailers and consumer products companies to optimize merchandising and marketing decisions, individually or collaboratively, to achieve their sales volume, revenue, shopper loyalty, and profitability objectives. DemandTec software services utilize DemandTec’s science-based software platform to model and understand consumer behavior.


Year founded: 1939        
Number of employees: 4,000    
Number of food customers: 50+              
Solution name(s): Multishuttle 
Business benefits: The strategies we use to help design the best food logistics solution are: Reducing time wasted travelling—condense the pick face and travel faster; Moving orders to zones—let the orders move, not your people; Batching orders and sorting them out—pick multiple goods in one pass and sort to orders; Eliminating travel: split case—let the orders do the moving in a tote; Eliminating travel: full case—move cases in the best sequence to build pallets; Automating storage, buffering and sequencing—organize your reserve stock and get it in order; Free picking—pick one, get one for free with Negative-PUT; Automating picking—when picking is too expensive, heavy or repetitive; Wireless real-time logistics—bring the power of voice directed system to the DC; Warehouse control solutions—improve visibility and distribution management.


Descartes Systems Group, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Year founded: 1981        
Number of employees: 500+     
Number of food customers:  6,800+       
Solution name(s): Descartes Mobile Resource Management; Descartes Supply Chain Execution; Descartes Global Trade Compliance; Descartes Transportation Management; Descartes Routing Planning and Schedule
Business benefits: Historically, the logistics industry has operated in a “state of things untied” with many organizations working with siloed logistics solutions. As a result, information cannot be accessed in real time for all resources in motion—including documents, mobile devices, drivers or goods. Without insight into these integrated functions, any breakdown in the supply chain will affect fulfillment schedules and drive up associated costs. Using a single source solution backed by a global federated network enables food manufacturers and distributors to automate multi-party business processes and share critical information, to immediately accelerate productivity and improve profitability for the long term.


Echo Global Logistics Inc., Chicago
Year founded: 2005        
Number of employees: 1000+   
Number of food customers: NA                               

England Logistics Inc., Salt Lake City       
Year founded: 1994
Number of employees: 1,737    
Number of food customers: 676              
Solution name(s): Truckload sourcing, dry and temperature-controlled LTL and parcel, special projects engineering, global sourcing, complete supply chain engineering, warehousing, I2, Great Plains, JMC, McLeod, Manhattan
Business benefits: Technologies like texting, video blog and social network sites are key to both short and long term success. Readers are wise not to overlook the rising uses of social media outlets for short-term goals and look for newer, more effective uses of these tools down the road.


Epic Group—Data Synchronization Business Unit and Epic Group—Global Technology, St. Charles, IL
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 11          
Number of food customers: 2 (data sync), 13 (global technology)
Solution name(s): Epic’s Fast Start Data Synchronization System; Hawkeye Perfect Measure Systems
Business benefits: Technology allows retailers and manufacturers within the CPG industry to work smarter with less during these difficult economic times.  This will help in the short term, but will blossom into a long-term benefit to the ROI of every company. Accuracy and productivity gains are crucial to the short-term profitability and the long-term goals of every company that ships products from a warehouse, and to a retailer’s shelf. 


FST Logistics, Columbus, OH
Year founded: 1991        
Number of employees: 200        
Number of food customers: 50
Solution name(s): Bounce Back By Reinvesting  
Business benefits: By reinvesting into the company by implementing state-of-the-art technology, you poise yourself for the better times ahead and stay on top of the competition. We have used the last 12 months to totally upgrade our phone systems, implement RF scanners and new inventory control software in the warehouse and totally new software for our transportation services that will eliminate two older software packages. The short term is the immediate effects you gain from efficiencies in operations, gaining valuable manpower that’s focused on more important tasks. Long term, you position yourself to immerge from the sluggish economy stronger than ever and ready to do more business.


GalleriaGalleria, Chicago
Year founded: 1989        
Number of employees: 70          
Number of food customers: 9   
Solution name(s): Galleria’s Customer-Centric Merchandising Solution; Galleria’s Promotional Display Optimization Solution               
Business benefits: Galleria’s Customer-Centric Merchandising solution enables food retailers to attain their short- and long-term goals by always ensuring the right products are in the right place, in the right quantities, at the right time to drive profit.


GENCO Supply Chain Solutions, Pittsburgh, PA
Year founded: 1898        
Number of employees: 6,800
Number of food customers: 17 
Solution name(s): Contract Logistics; Transportation Logistics; Reverse Logistics; Product Liquidation; Damage Research; Parcel Negotiation & Audits; Pharmaceutical Services; Government Solutions; Supply Chain Technology
Business benefits: Technology advancements in both material handling and warehouse management systems can and are being used to increase supply chain visibility, productivity and transportation efficiencies and lower labor and total operational costs.


GlobeRanger Corp., Richardson, TX
Year founded: 1999        
Number of employees: 25          
Number of food customers: 2   
Solution name(s): Perishable Supply Chain Track and Trace Solution        
Business benefits: Speeds up business processes by reducing delays and inefficiencies in information capture and processing; Excess inventory and excess labor is removed from enterprise operations, thereby lowering costs and boosting financial performance; Improvements on the supply side are followed by demand-driven supply chains as organizations take advantage of demand signals captured by RFID and related technologies.


HarvestMark, Redwood City, CA
Year founded: 2005        
Number of employees: 50+       
Number of food customers: 180              
Solution name(s): HarvestMark item- and case-level traceability solutions           
Business benefits: HarvestMark’s item-level traceability earns meaningful consumer preference on the shelf for perishable products and enables producers to get unprecedented insight into the quality and freshness of their products all the way to the store shelf and the consumer kitchen.


HighJump SoftwareHighJump Software, Eden Prairie, MN
Year founded: 1985        
Number of employees: 275        
Number of food customers: 650              
Solution name(s): Warehouse Management Systems (WMS); WMS in the Cloud, Manufacturing Execution System (MES); Transportation Management Systems (TMS); Route Accounting Systems (RAS); Mobile Sales
Business benefits: Supply chain management is a long-term strategy. Smart companies see technology as a way to continually increase productivity and operating efficiency—whether or not business is booming. Modern supply chain management systems such as warehouse management systems and route accounting systems can reduce costs and increase productivity.


I.D. Systems, Hackensack, NJ
Year founded: 1993        
Number of employees: 90          
Number of food customers: 20 
Solution name(s): PowerFleet; PowerBox; PowerKey
Business benefits: PowerFleet helps many of the world’s largest manufacturers and retailers increase safety, reduce damage and optimize vehicle use—operator management through access control; Restrict vehicle use to authorized drivers—vehicle safety through automated OSHA checklists;  Maintain compliance with daily electronic vehicle checklists—damage reduction through impact detection and management; Detect impacts in real time—eliminate anonymous damage; Optimized utilization through measurement of vehicle use—analyze simultaneous use of vehicles, evaluate peaks, reallocate vehicles as appropriate.


Infor, Alpharetta, GA
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 8,000    
Number of food customers: 132              
Solution name(s): Infor SCM Advanced Scheduler; Infor SCM Demand Planning; Infor SCM Warehouse Management; Infor SCM Transportation Management; Infor Event Management
Business benefits: Infor’s integrated suite for food industries allows customers to implement functionality solving specific pain points for fast return. Infor ION, Infor’s suite of interoperability and management services, allows customers to integrate and manage data for the lowest cost of ownership.


InmarInmar, Winston-Salem, NC
Year founded: 1980        
Number of employees: 4,200    
Number of food customers: 200+            
Solution name(s): Returns Management—Single Source Solution from return authorization to final disposition, including facility management, processing of physical returns, debit and credit financial management, and policy consulting;  Asset Recovery—Value added liquidation for discontinued, overstocks, withdrawn, surplus, closeouts, salvage, obsolete and distressed inventory balanced between optimal revenue maximization and brand and channel protection;  Recall Management—Recall Management including notification, product retrieval and payment and Regulatory Compliant Disposition; Returns Prevention—Supply Chain Analysis for Returns Reduction and Avoidance, Best Practices, Score carding and Packaging Analysis at all touch points including manufacturer plant, distribution center, retailers’ regional distribution center and retail store; Information Intelligence—Web-based information with dashboards and analytics for returns inventory management and customer, event, and supply chain intelligence coupled with industry knowledge and insight
Business benefits: Product returns represent one of the few areas remaining in which a company can find ways to cut costs. And in today’s tight economy, finding an opportunity to enhance the bottom line, as well as improve customer satisfaction, can set a company apart from its competitors and increase shareholder value.


InMotion Global Inc., St. Petersburg, FL
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 40          
Number of food customers: 8   
Solution name(s): InMotion Global TMS (IMG)  
Business benefits: A free, web-based TMS (designed for temperature controlled shippers), a VRS and online knowledge base combine to increase profits, efficiency and customer satisfaction; offering real-time access, management control and full visibility, fewer claims and reduced fuel, implementation and training costs.


INSIGHT Inc., Manassas, VA       
Year founded: 1978        
Number of employees: 20          
Number of food customers: 30 
Solution name(s): SAILS INSIGHT Enterprise Strategy (IES); ITOS (Insight Transportation Optimization System); IBO (Insight Bid Optimization); DPM  (inventory analysis—a strategic partnership with Tools Group)
Business benefits: Insight Inc. is a world leader in providing supply chain software and consulting services that are designed specifically to meet daunting challenges in a dynamic, global marketplace: strategic supply chain design, strategic sourcing/outsourcing, risk management, mergers and acquisitions, optimal production plans and schedules, transportation procurement and operations, detailed facility operations analysis and so on. We relentlessly focus on enabling clients to outsmart their competitors and deliver verifiable bottom-line results, as illustrated by our latest unprecedented breakthrough: the marriage of supply chain and marketing into an optimized, profit-maximizing, integrated enterprise strategy.


Interlink Technologies, Perrysburg, OH
Year founded: 1986
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA
Solution name(s): WHSe-LINK   
Business benefits: WMS technology offers the ability to operate at peak performance with less labor and more product information. Reducing human error and increasing productivity create happy customers and increase sales. WMS provides solid, real-time information for accurate production planning and forecasting.


Intermec Technologies, Everett, WA
Year founded: 1966        
Number of employees: 1,900
Number of food customers:  500+
Solution name(s): Intermec provides mobile computers, mobile and fixed printers, handheld scanning, RFID, software and services for food company applications in warehousing, manufacturing, field service, private fleet transport and direct store delivery.
Business benefits: Intermec customers benefit from the industry’s most proven technology and diverse portfolio of rugged mobile solutions, which are developed with the sole purpose to improve business processes and drive maximum ROI, providing customers with a long-term solution to meet future demands.


JDA Software, Scottsdale, AZ
Year founded: 1978
Number of employees: 3,000
Number of food customers: 700
Solution name(s): Sales & Operations Planning; Pricing & Revenue Management; Demand Management; Store Operations; Merchandising; Category Management; Replenishment & Fulfillment Management; Production Planning & Scheduling; Transportation & Logistics Management; Visibility, Collaboration & Performance Management
Business benefits: JDA Software, The Supply Chain Co., helps companies optimize operations and improve profitability with its merchandising, supply chain planning and execution, and revenue management solutions. In today’s challenging economic climate, using the supply chain to capitalize on shifting consumer spending behaviors and cost volatility can strategically improve market responsiveness and profitability. Data-driven decision creates a better link between the supply chain and overall financial business objectives.


John Galt Solutions, Chicago
Year founded: 1996
Number of employees: 50+
Number of food customers: 38
Solution name(s): Atlas Planning Suite; ForecastX Wizard; Consumer Centric Planning
Business benefits: As the leading provider of affordable planning solutions, John Galt Solutions helps food companies reach critical goals like increasing forecast accuracy and optimizing inventory levels. Our tools improve collaboration and help streamline challenging processes like sales, inventory and operations planning (S&OP).


LANSA, Downers Grove, IL
Year founded: 1987        
Number of employees: 225        
Number of food customers: 330
Solution name(s): LANSA Data Sync Direct
Business benefits: LANSA Data Sync Direct allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to efficiently keep the items in their supply chains in sync using GS1 standardized definitions with the GDSN for information exchange—significantly improving warehouse, logistics and transportation efficiency. 


LeanLogistics, Holland, MI
Year founded: 1999        
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA                               
Solution name(s): On-Demand TMS; GreenLanes; Managed Transportation Services;  Network Optimization; Carrier Procurement Services
Business benefits: In addition to innovative technologies like GreenLanesTM, LeanLogistics continues to present new ways of leveraging the On-Demand TMS  network data through innovative tools, such as the Transportation Index and network optimization.


Locus TraxxLocus Traxx, Jupiter, FL
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 18          
Number of food customers: 4   
Solution name(s): OverSight; SmartTraxx; SmartTags
Business benefits: It’s critical that every step in the cold chain be carefully monitored. In-transit monitoring of temperature and safety, particularly when the trucks aren’t yours, is a risk area that is underserved. Monitoring in-transit shipments can reduce loss near term and long term, will help companies maintain their reputation as providers of safe, fresh product.


LogilityLogility, Atlanta
Year founded: 1996        
Number of employees: 132        
Number of food customers: 172              
Solution name(s): Logility Voyager Solutions
Business benefits: In challenging economic times, Logility Voyager Solutions enable companies to more accurately plan for and manage today’s variable demand patterns, accelerate inventory velocity, create precise demand plans and optimize transportation planning to reduce costs and improve customer service.


Logistix SolutionsLogistix Solutions, Herndon, VA
Year founded: 2006        
Number of employees: 50          
Number of food customers: 12 
Solution name(s): Logix—Supply Optimization and Distribution Network Planner; Logistix RS—Routing and Scheduling;  Logistix TS—Truck Scheduler
Business benefits: Supply Chain Optimization tools that optimize loads, routing and scheduling and distribution network design uncover 5 to 15 percent savings every day. Companies like Kroger and third party logistics providers like NYK Logistics are saving significant transportation costs using these tools.


LTM Services, Manorville, NY 
Year founded: 2004
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA
Business benefits: LTM Services equates to the complete control of all costs associated with any serviceable equipment fleet. Our service is the optimal blend of proprietary software and extremely experienced human analysis. We remove our client from the serviceable equipment fleet business allowing them to concentrate on the other aspects of their operation while significantly reducing their overall costs.


LTW Intralogistics Inc., Wolfurt, Austria
Year founded: 1981        
Number of employees: 170        
Number of food customers: 190              
Solution name(s): Warehouse automation; stacker cranes
Business benefits: LTW Aisle-Changing technology for stacker cranes offers a solution for reducing the initial investment cost for a warehouse. Since the stacker cranes can switch aisles automatically, there is no need to purchase a stacker crane for each aisle.


Lucas Systems Inc., Wexford, PA
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 55          
Number of food customers: 20+              
Solution name(s): Jennifer VoicePlus
Business benefits: Food manufacturers, distributors and retailers need to carefully invest in technologies that deliver immediate reductions in day-to-day operating costs without requiring huge up-front investments. Rather than replacing current systems, the focus is on technologies that work with existing systems to enable more efficient, effective ways to deliver products to customers.


Manhattan Associates, Atlanta
Year founded: 1990        
Number of employees: 1,000    
Number of food customers: 140              
Solution name(s): Manhattan SCOPE: Supply Chain Optimization from Planning to Execution      
Business benefits: The rising cost of food and fuel has challenged food distributors and retailers to find solutions that reduce costs in order to manage inventory, reduce waste and deliver fresh products with varying shelf lives to stores while keeping prices down for customers. Manhattan Associates’ solutions for the food Industry enable food manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers to respond quickly to changing demands, comply with burgeoning regulations and improve service levels. Food companies can also enhance profits by reducing transportation costs and speeding deliveries.


MercuryGate InternationalMercuryGate International, Cary, NC
Year founded: 2000        
Number of employees: 51          
Number of food customers: 18 
Solution name(s): MercuryGate TMS with Mojo               
Business benefits: Savings come from optimized load plans so that fewer trucks are needed to meet service requirements. ROI is also achieved through rate optimization so the best rate is always used. Process improvement accounts for additional savings.


Mettler Toledo, Zurich, Switzerland (North American HQ: Columbus, OH)
Year founded: 1901        
Number of employees: 10,000
Number of food customers: 2888
Solution name(s): Portable Floor Scale  
Business benefits: The 2888 DECKMATE floor scale is a portable scale with an extremely low profile for easy loading; making it ideal for totes, small mixing vats and reactors. The scale can be used in sanitary environments such as pharmaceutical and food processing operations.


Motorola Solutions, Schaumburg, IL
Year founded: 1928        
Number of employees: 64,000
Number of food customers: 1,150+
Solution name(s): DS3400 series of rugged bar code scanners; FX7400 Fixed RFID Reader, MC55 series of enterprise mobile computers; MC75 series of enterprise mobile computers; MC9000 series of industrial mobile computers; MC9500 series of industrial mobile computers; MOTOTRBO series; MT2000 series of handheld mobile terminals; RDX series of two-way business radios; LS3578 series of rugged bar code scanners; VC5090 vehicle mounted mobile computer; WT4000 series of wearable mobile computers; AN480, AP-7131, AP300, MC65 series of enterprise class mobile computers; MC3090 series of industrial mobile computers; MC3090-Z handheld RFID reader; MC9090-G RFID reader; RFS7000 wireless LAN switch; RS309 wearable scanner; RS409 wearable ring scanner; RD5000 mobile RFID reader; TEAM VoWLAN solution; VC6096 in-vehicle/fixed mount mobile computer; WS2000 wireless switch; XR450 fixed RFID reader.
Business benefits: As the market picks up, companies will have the opportunity to replace aging technologies with new solutions that will afford greater visibility into their supply chains, streamline processes, increase productivity and ultimately guarantee the freshness of food as it’s shipped.


NECS Inc., Madison, CT
Year founded: 1990        
Number of employees: 15          
Number of food customers: 1,500
Solution name(s): entree.NET (Internet-based product which serves the needs of food distributors and their customers)
Business benefits: This Internet-based software technology reduces order entry costs and mistakes on orders while upselling the customer. It provides tools for salespeople to track and quote new prospects and tools for customers to generate reports.


Next Generation Logistics Inc., Inverness, IL
Year founded: 1988        
Number of employees: 15          
Number of food customers: 150              
Solution name(s): FreightMaster TMS
Business benefits: Food Logistics readers would benefit from the first load the tendered via our FreightMaster TMS using our sophisticated carrier selection process and optimization.


Next View Software Inc., Orange, CA
Year founded: 2007        
Number of employees: <12       
Number of food customers: 2   
Solution name(s): Next View Warehouse Management; Next View Labor Management; Next View Yard Management; Next View Live—real-time visualization & collaboration
Business benefits: Improve inventory and order accuracy as well as product traceability and recall with Next View WMS. Utilize Next View LMS for improved workforce productivity and reduced labor costs—maximize the effectiveness of your workforce for on-going process improvement and savings. Reduce IT costs and efforts with Next View’s on-demand (SaaS) solutions for greater ROI and payback across your supply chain. Next View Software drives supply chain productivity improvements for workforce, warehouse and supply chain visibility.


Nulogy Corp.Nulogy Corp., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 30          
Number of food customers: 12 
Solution name(s): PackManager; PackPortal
Business benefits: Business benefits: Nulogy's PackManager is a Contract Packaging Management System (CPMS) designed specifically for contract packaging and used extensively by logistics service providers and packagers in the consumer foods industry. The cloud-based solution helps you simplify management of increasingly complex requirements while reducing costs, and improving efficiency and quality of production. Its real-time visibility provides an accurate snapshot of your shop floor and warehouse, providing flexibility within a standardized, proven framework. Nulogy's PackPortal integrates with PackManager to provide further upstream efficiencies in order and project management for brand owners.


Optricity, Research Triangle Park, NC
Year founded: 2005        
Number of employees: 8+          
Number of food customers: More than 22 distribution centers 
Solution name(s): OptiSlot DC; OptiProfile
Business benefits: Warehouse optimization technology is a key driver that delivers both short term benefit—by reslotting an existing facility, and long term benefit—ongoing slot maintenance. Rapid payback for this type of technology makes it appealing because cost justification can occur quickly. By rapidly reducing labor costs, improving space utilization and responding better to the dynamic sku mix changes that are increasingly prevalent slotting optimization technology, readers achieve both hard and soft dollar paybacks even in this difficult economic climate."


PakSense, Boise, ID
Year founded: 2004        
Number of employees: NA        
Number of food customers: 750+            
Solution name(s): PakSense Ultra Contact Label; PakSense Ultra Wireless Label; PakSense Ultra Printer
Business benefits: Technology can be used to streamline distribution processes and help ensure that only the freshest and safest products reach consumers. An investment in technology can provide significant ROI, especially if there are temperature issues in the supply chain.


Paragon Software Systems Inc., Dallas
Year founded: 1991        
Number of employees: <50       
Number of food customers: 75+              
Solution name(s): Paragon Routing & Scheduling Optimizer; Paragon Multi Depot; Paragon Integrated Fleets; Paragon Fleet Controller; Paragon Resource Manager; Paragon Home Delivery System; Paragon Fastnet; Paragon Multi Period Planner; Paragon Territory Optimizer; Paragon Fixed Route Manager; Paragon Carbon Minimizer
Solution name(s): Paragon’s solutions enable logistics operations to cut transportation costs typically by 10 percent or more—achieved through more efficient planning. With implementation to go-live typically taking just 8-12 weeks, these savings can recover the software investment in a matter of months.


PeopleNetPeopleNet, Minnetonka, MN
Year founded: 1996        
Number of employees: 213        
Number of food customers: 150              
Solution name(s): PeopleNet Driver Terminal; PeopleNet BLU; PeopleNet TABLET
Business benefits: The technologies fleets use and deploy are critically important to the success of their businesses. CSA 2010 is going to have a significant impact on fleets of all size, and those that survive will be smart about how they do business and make sure they have everything in place to operate more efficiently.


PINC SolutionsPINC Solutions, Berkeley, CA
Year founded: 2004        
Number of employees: 30          
Number of food customers: NA               
Solution name(s): Yard Hound
Business benefits: By effectively leveraging technology to capture and share real-time visibility data within the company and with their supply chain partners, enterprises can achieve further cost savings, increase efficiencies, and gain competitive advantage even in today’s economic environment.


Plex Systems Inc.Plex Systems Inc., Auburn Hills, MI
Year founded: 1995        
Number of employees: 150        
Number of food customers: 3   
Solution name(s): Plex Online
Access information in real time to be more informed, proactive and responsive to market conditions and Business benefits: customer needs. Outperform the status quo, make smarter decisions, respond quickly to business demands, comply with rapidly changing industry regulations and improve customer satisfaction.


Prime Distribution Services Inc., Plainfield, IN
Year founded: 1990        
Number of employees: 226        
Number of food customers: 171                              
Business benefits: Technology, if used correctly, will allow users to gain efficiencies that will save them money and build a base for growth in the future.


Profit Point, North Brookfield, MA
Year founded: 1995        
Number of employees: 12+       
Number of food customers: NA               
Solution name(s): Network Design; Operations Planning; Production Scheduling; Territory Planning; Transportation Optimization and Vehicle Routing.
Business benefits: Using optimization in the supply chain enables companies to gain short-term benefits in areas such as scheduling transportation and long-term benefits in areas such as network design and infrastructure planning.


Psion Teklogix Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Year founded: 2000        
Number of employees: 1,000
Number of food customers: 100+
Solution name(s): 7530 Handheld Device; 7535 Handheld Device; 8515 Vehicle Mounted Computer; 8530 Vehicle Mounted Computer; 8580/8590 Vehicle Mounted Computer
Business benefits: Technology, like Psion Teklogix’s handheld devices, increases productivity and efficiency by enabling employees to work faster and smarter. This saves management hours in manpower and improves the bottom line. These short-term accomplishments create a stronger, leaner business in the long term.


Qualcomm Enterprise Services, San Diego, CA
Year founded: 1988        
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: 12
Solution name(s): Mobile Computing Platform (MCP) 110
Business benefits: MCP110 is designed to improve operational efficiency, enhance driver productivity and reduce costs. It operates using terrestrial communication with the option to upgrade to terrestrial plus Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi-enabled communication, customers can access static content on both the Internet and web-based email programs, as well as scan documents over the Wi-Fi network without paying a service charge.


Real Time Freight Services, Chicago
Year founded: 2003        
Number of employees: 40          
Number of food customers: 2300            
Solution name(s): Freight Management System; RFP/RFQ Sourcing; RTF Rate AnalysisSM; RTF SmartSelectSM—Com Complete AutoTender; Transportation Message Center; RTF Carrier Management
Business benefits: In this downturn, the challenges facing Real Time Freight customer’s is ensuring that their transportation partners are qualified, managed and their rates are competitive. With Real Time Freight, our customers overcome these challenges and realize a centralized, secure, controlled freight management solution.


RedPrairie Corp., Waukesha, WI
Year founded: 1975        
Number of employees: 1,200    
Number of food customers: 100+            
Solution name(s): Warehouse Management; Workforce Management; Financial Management; Inventory Management; Execution Management; Learning Management; Performance Management; Transportation Management; Food Processing; Error Proofing/Traceability; Sequence Delivery; Build-to-Order; Supply Chain Visibility; Dashboards 
Business benefits: Food retailers and distributors can use hosted or installed solutions, or a combination of the two, to quickly on-board new clients, improve customer service and achieve increased savings by leveraging the flexible pricing models and scalability that both options enable in any economic climate.


Retalix Ltd., Plano, TX
Year founded: 1982        
Number of employees: 1,200    
Number of food customers: 400              
Solution name(s): Retalix Power Enterprise Suite; Retalix Power Warehouse; Retalix Power Net; Retalix Power Sell; Retalix Power Menu; Retalix Mobile SFA (Sales Force Automation); Retalix Vendor Portal; Retalix Power Delivery; Retalix Demand AnalytX; Retalix Transportation Optimization; Retalix Dock Scheduling; Retalix Yard Management             
Business benefits: Technology helps food distributors increase overall supply chain visibility, control and productivity, which reduces costs in both the short and long term. Those traits are helpful in any economic environment, but can be viewed as extremely important during tough times.


Retrotech Inc.Retrotech Inc., Victor, NY
Year founded: 1985        
Number of employees: 90
Number of food customers: NA                               
Solution name(s): ACTIV High Density Storage; Engineering/Consulting Services
Business benefits: Start with the end in mind, “what do you need to accomplish” and how does it align with your corporate objectives. Work backward and make decisions based on data.


Revionics Inc., Roseville, CA
Year founded: 2002        
Number of employees: 50          
Number of food customers: 70 
Solution name(s): Revionics Life Cycle Price Optimization; Revionics Price; Revionics Promotion; Revionics Markdown; Revionics Collaborate    
Business benefits: Revionics helps retailers to price their products in better alignment with quickly evolving consumer expectations. Agility to adjust to market conditions, and sensitivity to the consumers’ perception of value can help retailers win in today’s economy.


Robocom Systems International, Farmingdale, NY
Year founded: 1982        
Number of employees: 40          
Number of food customers: 24 
Solution name(s): ROC WMS; RIMS WMS; R-Labor, Labor Management System; R-Voice, Voice Picking System; R-Connect, enterprise integration tool; R-Order, order management system designed specifically for the food and beverage industry; Star TMS
Business benefits: Unique solutions are required to overcome the current economic conditions. The need to reduce costs cannot trump the need to improve market share, competitiveness and long-term growth. Robocom addresses these problems by providing solutions that control costs and raise standards. An example is our unique integration of voice picking and labor management which not only increases productivity and accuracy, but also permits distribution managers to accurately predict and manage their workforce requirements. This approach can be implemented both with our own suite of solutions and with existing legacy applications to provide ways to remove barriers to achievement of short and long term goals.


Ryder Supply Chain Solutions, Miami
Year founded: 1933        
Number of employees: 28,000
Number of food customers: 52
Solution name(s): Control Tower; Value Added Services; Transportation Management; Dedicated Contract Carriage; Distribution Management; Cross Dock; Network Design; Warehousing, Integrated Logistics
Business benefits: Manufacturers and retailers need to be ready to respond quickly to fluctuating consumer demands. Technology provides greater visibility to where products are in the supply chain. This allows manufacturers and retailers to make decisions quickly to ensure quality service and customer satisfaction.


Saddle Creek Corp., Lakeland, FL
Year founded: 1966        
Number of employees: 2,000    
Number of food customers: 15 
Solution name(s): Warehouse Management; Transportation Management
Business benefits: Technology offers companies the ability to control costs and improve service to customers. The exchange of information across all links in the supply chain allows for better planning and optimized execution.


SAF USA Inc.SAF USA Inc., Grapevine, TX
Year founded: 1996        
Number of employees: 150+
Number of food customers: 20+              
Solution name(s): SAF SuperStore; SAF SuperWarehouse; SAF SuperForecast
Business benefits: SAF’s core products automate and optimize the ordering process from the customer to the manufacturer to ensure that the right products are always in the right place.


SAP America (a unit of SAP AG), Newtown Square, PA
Year founded: 1972        
Number of employees: 38,000
Number of food customers: <400            
Solution name(s): SAP ERP; SAP SCM; SAP CRM; SAP BI
Business benefits: Knowing which products and customers are profitable and which are not will allow the food distributor to make the necessary adjustments to ensure that they emerge stronger and better able to compete and expand. Technology enables these decisions.


Schaefer Systems InternationalSchaefer Systems International, Charlotte, NC
Year founded: 1937        
Number of employees: 8,000+ 
Number of food customers: 30 
Solution name(s): Schaefer Case Picker; Schaefer Orbiter System; Schaefer Miniload Crane
Business benefits: By using Product to Person distribution technologies, SSI Schaefer can lower the cost-per-unit shipped considerably. As a by-product, there are reductions in headcount and footprint. Having a smaller footprint enables companies to locate close to the outlet for their products.


SEKO Worldwide, Itasca, IL
Year founded: 1976        
Number of employees: 2,300
Number of food customers: 900
Solution name(s): Supplier Management; TMS Transportation Management; WMS Warehousing/Inventory Management
Business benefits: Scalable and customizable solutions will enable companies to efficiently handle new business needs dictated by the post-recessionary return to growth and the ‘New Normal’ economic environment. SEKO has developed a robust suite of technology-enabled supply chain management and optimization solutions.


Silvon Software Inc.Silvon Software Inc., Westmont, IL
Year founded: 1987        
Number of employees: 50          
Number of food customers: 350              
Solution name(s): Stratum          
Business benefits: The supply chain visibility offered by business intelligence technology like Silvon Stratum can help food businesses to react quicker to customer demand, drive down operational costs and maintain both high service levels and good margins while doing so.


Software Logistechs Inc., Toledo, OH
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 5            
Number of food customers: 10 
Solution name(s): DC-Xpress WMS
Business benefits: By utilizing DC-Xpress WMS as a hosted service, or on-site solution, companies can expect to reduce costs through the improvement of inventory accuracy, elimination of costly physical inventories and reduction in labor hours through efficiency.


SPS Commerce, Minneapolis
Year founded: 1998        
Number of employees: 335        
Number of food customers: 5,500           
Solution name(s): SPSCommerce.net
Business benefits: With SPSCommerce.net’s SaaS services, organizations can easily connect with their global supply chain to improve visibility to orders, increase collaboration with thousands of trading partners and comply with supply chain requirements faster and at a lower cost of ownership. "


Sterling CommerceSterling Commerce, Columbus, OH
Year founded: 1974        
Number of employees: 2,475
Number of food customers: 1,140
Solution name(s): Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite 9.0; Sterling TMS Carrier Mobile; Sterling Control Center Mobile; Sterling Integrator Mobile; and Sterling InFlight Data Management Mobile 
Business benefits: Food companies have a dual focus—growth in customers/markets and a drive to gain operational efficiencies and contain costs. Sterling Commerce solutions help by: optimizing supply chain connectivity; enhancing supply chain visibility;  streamlining order processes; and reducing transportation costs.


Supply Chain IntelligenceSupply Chain Intelligence, Cary, NC
Year founded: 2001        
Number of employees: NA        
Number of food customers: 32 
Solution name(s): iSaaS; Outbound Shipment Intelligence; Outbound Shipment Execution
Business benefits: iSaaS provides route optimization planning and execution. Simulations provide business process what-if views to determine what impact changes will have on your distribution service and costs.


Supply Chain Optimizers LLC, Getzville, NY
Year founded: 1995        
Number of employees: 20          
Number of food customers: 30 
Solution name(s): Supply Chain Optimization Through Packaging              
Business benefits: The quick turnaround of a solution results in a quicker return on investment. The solutions we provide work within the current manufacturing footprint so implementation is rapid. Savings come from multiple cost categories: corrugate, handling labor, warehousing, transportation, damage and pallets.


Swisslog, Newport News, VA
Year founded: 1898        
Number of employees: 2,044    
Number of food customers: 200              
Solution name(s): Swisslog is a leading provider of Warehouse and Distribution Solutions, delivering flexible, automatic and semi-automatic Logistics Solutions to insure our clients meet the changing demands of their customers in a profitable manner.
Business benefits: Short-term benefits are reduced operating expenses, higher throughput, higher order and inventory accuracy. Long-term benefits are improved market responsiveness, sales revenue gains from improved service track record and overall higher performance working environment.


TAKE Supply Chain (a division of TAKE Solutions Inc.), Princeton NJ
Year founded: 1994        
Number of employees: 700+     
Number of food customers: 20 
Solution name(s): Gemini Data Collection;  OneSCM
Business benefits: To address the economic downturn, TAKE ‘s solutions enable food manufacturers to reduce costs by transforming their supply chains and improving business processes. Results like improved operational control, inventory accuracy, visibility and order fulfillment help them bounce back to achieve long-term goals.


Technology Group InternationalTechnology Group International, Toledo, OH
Year founded: 1990        
Number of employees: 25          
Number of food customers: 50+              
Solution name(s): Enterprise 21 ERP       
Business benefits: Readers can leverage business software to obtain real time information stored in a single database. Short term, this can lead to improved employee productivity by eliminating duplicate data entry. Long term, readers can realize cost savings in the form of reduced inventory carrying costs while simultaneously improving order fill rates due to more sophisticated production planning and purchasing systems.


Teradata Corp., Dayton, OH
Year founded: Spun off from NCR in 2007
Number of employees: 6,000    
Number of food customers: NA               
Solution name(s): Teradata Data Warehouse; Demand Chain Management; Teradata Relationship Management; Integrated Web Intelligence; Retail Business Intelligence; Master Data Management; Retail Industry Logical Data Models & Enterprise Data Warehouse Roapmaps; Advanced Analytics; Retail business Consulting & Professional Services
Business benefits: Leading food companies that leverage technology to process data assets into real-time information about their business, marketplace, & customers and assimilate that information throughout their organization, are able to respond more quickly, effectively, and profitably than their competitors to unexpected changes in their business as a result of an uncertain economic environment.


Terra TechnologyTerra Technology, Norwalk, CT
Year founded: 2001        
Number of employees: 86          
Number of food customers: 8   
Solution name(s): Demand Sensing; Multi-Enterprise Demand Sensing; Multi-Enterprise Inventory Optimization; Transportation Forecasting
Business benefits: Technology helps companies realize sales and profitability in unpredictable markets by analyzing daily demand signals from all echelons of the supply chain to better match supply with demand, improve forecast accuracy, decrease inventory, improve on-shelf availability and reduce operational costs.


TGW Systems, Spring Lake, MI
Year founded: 1964        
Number of employees: 1,100    
Number of food customers: 150              
Solution name(s): Carton, tote and unit load conveyor & sortation systems; Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (AS/RS) for case, tote, carton and pallet loads; Warehouse Control (WCS) and Warehouse Management (WMS) Systems
Business benefits: Technology can help take the money companies have saved by cutting costs and investing it in automation to get a greater return from optimizing facilities, better utilizing workers and increasing throughput.


Top-VOX Corp.Top-VOX Corp., Barrington, IL
Year founded: 1995        
Number of employees: 120        
Number of food customers: 200+            
Solution name(s): topSPEECH-Lydia voice recognition; Voxter; Voxter-S; Voxter RFID
Business benefits: Companies currently using the TopVox speech solution for case and eaches picking report an average productivity increase of more than 20 percent. Other benefits of using voice in the warehouse include a high reduction of errors, increased safety in the workplace, and easy integration in any WMS/ERP system which makes this technology attainable for any size company with an average payback of less than one year.


Total Logistic ControlTotal Logistic Control, Holland, MI
www.totallogistic.com and www.tlctmone.com
Year founded: 1902        
Number of employees: 2,550    
Number of food customers: 185              
Solution name(s): Transportation: TMOne (OTM);  Warehousing: Red Prairie
Business benefits: TLC supply chain capabilities are “source to shelf.” We operate across the key supply chain functions and bring the supporting technology. TLC targets companies that are interested in outsourcing all or parts of the supply chain operations and/or are interested in capitalizing on TLC’s robust supply chain technologies and capabilities.


United States Cold StorageUnited States Cold Storage, Voorhees, NJ
Year founded: NA
Number of employees: NA
Number of food customers: NA
Solution name(s): USCS Technology Supports USCS Customers
Business benefits: Advanced warehouse technology and integrated logistics systems are essential elements that enable USCS to provide dynamic supply chain services. Warehouse activities are fully integrated with appointment scheduling and transportation movement for receiving and shipping.


UpNet Technologies, Minneapolis
Year founded: 1996        
Number of employees: 30          
Number of food customers: 100              
Solution name(s): iEDeX data integration and translation platform; Order Management; Logistic Network Manager; Customer Purchasing Gateway; Supplier Relationship Manager; Status 411; Business Analytics; B2B Trading Partner Network; Vendor Management; Scan-based Trading & Ordering; Purchase-2-Pay; e-Invoicing
Business benefits: In today’s economic environment, we must all learn to do more with less. iEDeX from UpNet enables businesses to effectively utilize technology to reduce internal costs, drive efficiency throughout their supply chain and effectively collaborate with trading partners. Our cost predictable SaaS solutions increase technical capabilities and flexibilities, providing the ability to better manage risk.


UPS Logistics TechnologiesUPS Logistics Technologies, Baltimore
Year founded: 1983        
Number of employees: 152        
Number of food customers: 786              
Solution name(s): Roadnet Transportation Suite, including Roadnet, Territory Planner, Mobilecast, Roadnet Performance Dashboard, Roadnet Info Center and Net Scheduler; Roadnet Anywhere
Business benefits: Decreased transportation costs; increased customer satisfaction; enhanced strategic planning capabilities.


VAIVAI, Vormittag Associates Inc., Ronkonkoma, NY
Year founded: 1978        
Number of employees: 130        
Number of food customers: 24 
Solution name(s): S2K for Food
Business benefits: Food and distribution ERP software streamlines operations, saving time and money—crucial in this challenging economy. Harness the power of VAI’s S2K for Food Distribution. Designed for your budget, S2K offers proven results for the future of your business.


Voxware, Hamilton, NJ
Year founded: 1993        
Number of employees: 70          
Number of food customers: 30+              
Solution name(s): Voxware3     
Business benefits: Voice picking directly reduces warehouse labor costs with ROI often achieved in just 6 months, so it is an ideal platform for meeting short- and long-term goals.


Weber Logistics, Santa Fe Springs, CA
Year founded: 1924        
Number of employees: 771        
Number of food customers: 12 
Solution name(s): Integrated supply chain solutions       
Business benefits: Technology, when applied effectively, allows for increased flexibility and visibility. In both the short and long term, companies’ use of technology can allow them to make more timely and educated decisions. In a difficult economy, the ability to react efficiently can be the difference between success and failure.


Werner Enterprises, Omaha, NE
Year founded: 1956        
Number of employees: 12,000
Number of food customers: 150+            
Solution name(s): SMART (Shipment Management and Resource Tracking) System.
Business benefits: Drive costs out of your network by utilizing multiple shipper collaboration; Customizable TMS that creates visibility for consolidation and mode conversion; Partner with an organization whose philosophy is founded on designing and utilizing proprietary systems to deliver the lowest cost solutions;  Supplier freight management flexibility based on business needs; Mode optimization versatility to select cost savings based off demand.


Westfalia Technologies Inc.Westfalia Technologies Inc., York, PA
Year founded: 1992        
Number of employees: 75          
Number of food customers: 65+              
Solution name(s): Satellite technology for Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS); Savanna.NET Warehouse Management Software (WMS)
Business benefits: Savanna.NET optimizes all processes within both conventional and automated warehouses, to be more efficient and generate cost savings. All of Savanna’s benefits, including improved order accuracy, increased labor productivity, maximizing space utilization, optimizing product flows and more, are both short- and long-term results.


WITRON Integrated Logistics Corp. Arlington Heights, IL
Year founded: 1971        
Number of employees: 1,200
Number of food customers: 26 
Solution name(s): OPM automated case picking and palletizing system; DPS Dynamic Picking System for piece picking in a highly ergonomic, efficient and cost effective manner.
Business benefits: Implementing our automated solutions will help companies reduce order fulfillment costs, increase quality, real time visibility/control, become more nimble, eliminate errors, provide an ergonomic environment and become more competitive in their industry.


WOW Logistics, Appleton, WI
Year founded: 1977        
Number of employees: 145        
Number of food customers: 155              
Solution name(s): WOW has not named any of the technology offerings we have created internally as we offer them at no additional charge to our clients but as part of our service offerings.         
Business benefits: Technology should be used to integrate systems. Data needs to only be entered once but can be accessed numerous times, which improves accuracy, time and saves money.


XATA Corp., Eden Prairie, MN
Year founded: 1985        
Number of employees: 175        
Number of food customers: 60 
Solution name(s): XATANET and XATA Turnpike
Business benefits: Now more than ever, companies need to leverage the benefits technology can provide to not only run a smarter supply chain, but also cut costs and in XATA’s case (and the trucking industry), remain compliant. Aside from reaping the rewards that are critical in the economy-running lean and keeping costs, technology will maintain and maximize productivity.


Zebra Technologies, Vernon Hills, IL
Year founded: 1969        
Number of employees: 3,000    
Number of food customers: <50              
Solution name(s): Zebra mobile and desktop thermal printing solutions including the P4T, RW 420, QL 420 Plus and the Xi series
Business benefits: Bar code labeling of cases to comply with produce traceability initiative—enables faster, less expensive recall management and more efficient inventory management.