Apply for the 2020 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers Award

Food Logistics is accepting submissions for our annual Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers

3 Pl Top 2020

Food Logistics is accepting submissions for our annual Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers, which serves as a resource directory of the leading third-party logistics and cold storage providers in the food and beverage industry.

The 2020 Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers will appear in the August issue of Food Logistics.

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To preview the entry questions in a PDF, please click here. But remember, all submissions must be officially submitted through the electronic survey link here.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, May 29, 2020 6 p.m. CT

Companies chosen for the list will be determined by Food Logistics’ editorial staff and advisory board. Inquiries should be directed to web editor Mackenna Moralez at [email protected].