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Temperature controlled units that are flexible, portable and 100% green.

Coldtainer offers a product line of flexible, efficient, and economical solutions for temperature-controlled storage and delivery.  The products range in size from 1 cubic foot to 58 cubic cubic feet.  Every Coldtainer unit is the result of an extensive design process using the latest technologies, bio-safe materials, and advanced manufacturing methods. They are engineered to provide a convenient, safe, and cost effective way to transport food, medical and pharmaceutical supplies when precise temperature control and freeze protection capabilities are needed. The iso-thermal container and the perfect thermal insulation offer a better, more affordable, and more reliable alternative to the standard

Company Details
Years in business:2
Number of employees:3
Geographic sales distribution:USA
Sales Channel:Dealers and Direct

Standard warranty is 1 year parts and labor and we are open to considering customer warranties for a fee.

Service, support & spare parts:

Service and parts are available through our dealer network that can be found on our website.  Additional information can also be obtained through our corporate contact number at 877-757-5974.


Training is provided to our dealer network and as required for individual customers.  We will also be expanding our training information on our recently released website.

Other services:

Installation, parts, and repair services are provided through our dealer network

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Coldtainer is the revolutionary new way to transport and store temperature-controlled products. Easy-to-use, highly-reliable, and cost effective, Coldtainer units are perfect for everything from food delivery, to pharma delivery. Every Coldtainer unit is the result of an extensive design process using the latest technologies, bio-safe materials, and advanced manufacturing methods. This results in Coldtainer units being energy efficient and eco-friendly, delivering unparalleled performance with low energy consumption and cost of operation. This was validated in an independent university study that resulted in a 43% cost of ownership savings and a 40% CO2 reduction versus current industry methods.  All you have to do is plug it in. Recently brought to the United States by a group of refrigerated transportation experts with decades of industry and dealership experience, Coldtainer is now poised to transform the U.S. temperature-controlled delivery market. Hot. Refrigerated. Frozen. Accurate real-time monitoring. 100% green. There has never been anything like Coldtainer before. 

PC915 loading process from Marius Undlien on Vimeo.

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