Dahlonega, GA 30533

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54 Breakstone Drive
Dahlonega, GA 30533
Toll Free:800-645-3744

RefrigiWear, Inc., is the industry’s leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear, accessories, and personal protective equipment for use in subzero temperatures, inclement weather, and low-visibility environments.

Established in 1954, the company pioneered the insulated outerwear industry and since, has led the industry with continuous product innovations to provide a “modern way to keep warm.”  Since its inception, RefrigiWear has addressed productivity and safety issues and has evolved its product line to provide high quality “head-to-toe” coverage, offering work wear for every cold-weather environment, from -50ºF to +50ºF. 

The Personal Protective Equipment product line is comprised of Iron Tuff Freezer Wear, ChillBreaker Industrial Activewear, ComfortGuard Bull Denim, Cooler Wear, gloves, head and footwear. Additionally, RefrigiWear is the developer and maker of the WeatherGuard Thermal Cover System for the protection of perishables. The company also offers product customization, custom embroidery and repair services for all of their products.  Based in Dahlonega, Georgia, RefrigiWear is a private company. For ordering and information contact RefrigiWear at (800) 645-3744 or visit

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