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ToolsGroup offers Demand-driven Supply Chain Planning (SCP) solutions that include demand forecasting/collaboration, inventory optimization and replenishement planning. Our customers achieve outstanding customer-service levels (up to 99+%) with less global inventory. They improve daily forecast accuracy, rapidly rightsize their inventory levels, and achieve unprecedented product availability. We help companies make sure the right products are on the shelves, to maintain freshness, minimize spoilage and out-of-date returns.

ToolsGroup’s solutions are “Powerfully Simple”, based on the concept that systems are more effective if they are smarter, with manual effort kept to a minimum and planners able to take a low touch approach. Our software is designed from the ground-up to be used as intelligent automated solution. It employs powerful technologies, but keeps the smarts behind the screen, transparent to the user. They make the planning easier, because the system is able to do more work on its own.

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