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Company Overview

CropTrak enables real-time visibility and management of your raw supply chain with a no-code technology platform so you can make more timely and strategic agricultural sourcing decisions.

The CropTrak platform consists of four components that optimize the collection and presentation of farm-sourced data. Standard modules include a web administration tool that makes it easy to manage users, data presentation, and access; a native mobile application that is easy to use and customizes language, currency, and measurement units to each user; and a web-optimized data entry, reporting, and publishing portal that makes going from field to office seamless. The fourth component is an optional interface with internet-of-things (IoT) feeds that allow for monitoring field equipment, weather, irrigation, chemical use, soil moisture, and conditions and calculating greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Company Details
Years in business:11
Number of employees:42
Geographic sales distribution:Global
Sales Channel:Direct

CropTrak is proud to say that we have a 100% on-time, on-budget delivery record.More information on use and warranty can be found on our website:

Service, support & spare parts:

CropTrak license fees include software updates, LMS training materials, and self-service support materials for the servers, web, admin, and mobile tools.

Other services:

CropTrak will work with your team to understand the paper, excel, business rules, and unwritten aspects of your business so that we can deploy a solution that works the way you do. Along the way and after deployment, we provide administration services, training, process improvements, and custom software extensions. CropTrak can white-label (customer branded) deployments of the web and mobile software tools.

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Tucson, AZ 85715
United States

CropTrak replaces paperwork and spreadsheets and optimizes grower contracting and field monitoring around the way you work to drive strategic business decisions, and improve productivity, transparency, and profitability. 

Our flexible and modular software components are unique, enabling dynamic form creation for mobile and web data collection, and the flexibility to address the specific collection, analysis, and reporting needs – no coding experience required. With a tamper-proof ledger that ensures data is accurately recorded in chronological order from any location in the world, data transparency and security are assured and ready to be inserted into your favorite blockchain environment

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