Wireless EV Charging Stations Coming to NY

Electronic 'Manholes' that recharge electric vehicles wirelessly to be installed in 2014

A company called Hevo Power has announced intentions to equip several New York City streets with new electric manhole covers that wirelessly charge electric vehicles around Washington Square Park, sometime in early 2014.

The stations are made of a power station that can be either embedded in the pavement or bolted to the street, a vehicle receiver that’s connected to the battery, and a smartphone app that tells drivers when their vehicle is lined up correctly with the station. The manhole chargers can transmit up to 10 kilowatts of energy to the EV using a resonance charging system, designed to reduce energy losses and transfer energy faster and at a farther distance.

The stations are primarily designed with inner-city delivery vehicles in mind. Hevo is also working with NYU, E-Ride and companies like PepsiCo, Walgreens and City Harvest to create a fleet of electric delivery vehicles. To read more, click HERE.