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US-Canada Trade Opportunities for F&B Companies

Date: 05/27/15

With bilateral trade reaching $2 billion daily, markets in the U.S. and Canada are goldmines for food and beverage companies on both sides of the border seeking trade and investment opportunities. Hear a diverse panel of experts discuss strategies... REGISTER »

Cold Chain

Date: 08/26/15

Sponsored by: Nova Cold Storage, Burris Logistics, Penske and Infratab. The global food supply chain depends on an integrated and sophisticated cold chain infrastructure, from refrigerated truck transportation to cold storage providers and... REGISTER »

Software & Technology

Date: 09/23/15

Sponsored by: Syngenta, TMW Systems and Sparta Systems. From TMS and WMS solutions to new products and equipment, software and technology advancements are driving safety, efficiency, compliance and visibility throughout the food supply chain... REGISTER »

Software & Technology Part II: Wringing Out Costs, Elevating ROI

Date: 11/04/15

Sponsored by: Vormittag Associates, Inc., MercuryGate and Penske. The inherent power and potential of software and technology solutions is augmented when applied throughout an organization’s supply chain, enhancing unity, connectivity and... REGISTER »

Hottest Food Supply Chain Trends in 2016

Date: 12/09/15

Sponsored by Kenco and Penske. The global food supply chain is undergoing dramatic change and presenting new and dynamic opportunities for many companies. E-commerce, changing consumer demands, the proliferation of SKUs and challenges associated... REGISTER »



Date: 03/18/15

Sponsored by: RLS Logistics, Kane Is Able, Penske and Kenco.  Third-party logistics providers are a key strategic and competitive asset for many companies in the food supply chain, providing support in the areas of transportation and... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Warehouse Automation

Date: 01/28/15

Sponsored by: PAS and viastore systems. Efficiency, safety and productivity are paramount for warehousing and distribution facilities in the food supply chain. The application of warehouse automation technologies, from robotics to AS/RS and... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: The Relationship Between Cold Chain Integrity and Food Safety

Date: 12/10/14

Sponsored by: Sensitech and Orbis. Today’s cold chain provides a foundation for growing trade volumes of agricultural and processed food shipments, opening new markets for imports and exports and giving consumers access to more fresh food... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Boosting Warehouse Efficiency in the Food/Bev Sector

Date: 11/05/14

Sponsored by Plug Powerand Digital Lumens From floor to ceiling, there are multiple opportunities to boost efficiency in the warehouse. For some companies, simple and relatively low-cost upgrades involve racking and lighting, while large-scale... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Perishables on the Move: Road, Rail, Ocean, and Air

Date: 09/10/14

Sponsored by: Penske, MercuryGate and Sensitech As the cold chain becomes increasingly global, transportation providers in all modes are rolling out new products and services to support it. Three dedicated rail services targeting food shippers... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Fuel Management Strategies for the Global Food Supply Chain

Date: 08/26/14

Sponsored by Telogis Fuel and energy costs are one of the biggest expenses for most transportation and logistics providers. The thin margins associated with food supply chains requires even more diligence on managing and optimizing fuel use and... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: State of Logistics Report Highlights Supply Chain Effect on Food and Beverage Industry

Date: 08/19/14

Food and beverage goods are transported to their final destinations by all modes of transportation, which includes air, sea, rail and ground. The pulse of food logistics (and the supply chain in general) can be found each year in the State of... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Cold Storage Facilities: Safer, More Sustainable, and More Efficient

Date: 06/18/14

Sponsored by Retrotech and ESI Group Cold storage providers are laser-focused on energy efficiency, sustainability, and maintaining a facility that is safe for employees and the products they handle. From new facilities to retrofits, find out how... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: Scaling your Carrier Strategy in a Capacity Crunch

Date: 04/24/14

Learn how Hillshire Brands, a leader in food solutions for the retail and foodservice market, leveraged transportation expertise to plan for a scalable supply chain through deep carrier relationship management.  Join us as we discuss the capacity... VIEW »

ARCHIVED: The Greening of Food Fleets: Becoming Better Environmental Stewards

Date: 04/16/14

Running an environmentally responsible fleet means many different things: reducing emissions and implementing the right technologies, training and controls. A pair of Penske executives will discuss the right way to green your fleet and become an... VIEW »