Flow-Rail Pallet Storage System

Flow-Rail Pallet Storage System

Flow-Rail Pallet Storage System Product Image

Flow-Rail is a high-density pallet storage system that can be operated using conventional forklift trucks and can be installed on conventional standard racking.


For more information, click: here or contact George Bally at gbally@espacemax.qc.ca

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Warehouse Bar-coded Labels and Signs

Product From ID Label, Inc.
  • Rack labels
  • Totem labels
  • Retro Reflective and Poly labels
  • Preprinted Variable Information and bar Codes
  • License Plate and Pallet & Case
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OPM Automated case picking and palletizing system

Product From Witron Integrated Logistics

WITRON's OPM system is a fully automated case picking and palletizing system that can process up to 18,000 different SKUs (about 97% of the SKUs at one site alone).

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DPS Dynamic Picking System

Product From Witron Integrated Logistics

WITRON DPS is a Goods-To-Man tote based solution for piece and case/tote picking.  The DPS is designed such that fast moving SKUs have a fixed location while slow moving SKUs are presented dynamically as needed in the pick-front.  This innovative approach reduces the length of the pick-front/footprint, labor requirements and order processing costs, while increasing pick performance throughput, accuracy and quality.

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Insulated Pallet Covers

Product From Randall Manufacturing

Insulated Pallet Covers maintain the temperature of perishables, pharmaceuticals and ice cream.

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AS/RS Satellite Technology

Product From Westfalia Technologies Inc.

Westfalia Satellite

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inSite Portal

Product From iSystemsNow

For facilities and plants that require operational reports, searching, and system configuration, iSystemsNow has created a re-useable project framework called the inSite Portal. This is typically where our design session begins when developing a custom solution. inSite is able to interface with other business systems to collect and store information in a common database where it can then be manipulated and presented to understand your complete operational process.

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48" x 40" Nestable Retail Pallet

Product From Rehrig Pacific Co

Rehrig Pacific has created the Nestable Retail Pallet with your productivity in mind. This new generation of nestable pallets offers superior performance in both automated and traditional distribution systems and increased service life. Utilizing the advantages of high pressure injection molding and a proprietary blend of materials, Rehrig provides a stronger, more durable nestable pallet solution with greater stiffness, a higher load carrying capacity and easier handling than other manufacturing methods. Improve your workflow and your bottom line with Rehrig Pacific's Nestable Retail Pallet.

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CAPS 315-Gallon Collapsible Bulk Liquid Storage Container

Product From CAPS

Our 315-gallon containers are a simple and cost-effective way to ship liquids. These collapsible containers:

  • Reduce waste and minimize transportation and storage costs
  • Have largest weight capacity of any plastic collapsible liquid containers (3,307 lbs)
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CAPS' Corrugated Tote

Product From CAPS

Durable 275-gallon tote can be set up in less than a minute by one operator.

Key Benefits of the CAPS Corrugated Tote:

  • Holds 275 gallons
  • Low-cost high-quality liquid packaging solution
  • Single operator setup
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Temperature Recording Devices & Accessories

Product From PakSense

PakSense Ultra Wireless Label

PakSense Ultra Contact Label

BIOmed Label

PakSense Ultra TK

PakSense Ultra Printing Solution

Readers & Software

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