PowerFleet Vehicle Management System (VMS)

PowerFleet Vehicle Management System (VMS)

PowerFleet is a patented wireless Vehicle Management System (VMS) for industrial vehicles, such as forklifts and tow tractors. It is a best-practice, modular solution for improving fleet safety, reducing material handling costs, and increasing supply chain productivity. PowerFleet is so intelligent, flexible, and effective, the only question is: “what vehicle activities you want to manage, and precisely how you would like to manage them?” PowerFleet is ideal for medium to large fleets, enterprise operations, and solving even the most complex vehicle-related issues.

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inSite Portal

Product From iSystemsNow

For facilities and plants that require operational reports, searching, and system configuration, iSystemsNow has created a re-useable project framework called the inSite Portal. This is typically where our design session begins when developing a custom solution. inSite is able to interface with other business systems to collect and store information in a common database where it can then be manipulated and presented to understand your complete operational process.

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xTablet T7000

Product From MobileDemand

MobileDemand xTablet T7000 Rugged Mini Tablet PC:

  • Military Rugged Tested (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Full Windows Operating System (Supports Windows 7, Vista, XP)
  • Integrated Numeric Keypad
  • Optional QWERTY Keyboard
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Savanna.NET Warehouse Management Software

Product From Westfalia Technologies Inc.

Savanna.NET is a modular WMS, capable for managing tracking and optimizing all product flows through a warehouse including order fulfillment.

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Product From Cascade Energy

SENSEI is an energy efficiency platform that helps corporations drive continuous and cost-effective savings. By connecting people to energy information, actions to results, and projects to measurable returns, SENSEI encourages a strategic approach to mastering energy consumption and cost.

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GTKonnect FTZ

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Integrate BoM/Inventory data to automate
  • Weekly estimate tracking, anti-dumping tracking and combined NAFTA entries
  • e-214, 3461, 7501, CBP Reconciliation Reports, FTZ Board Report, HMF, 7512, QP/WP
  • System tasks to ensure you don’t miss CBP or FTZ Board deadlines, submission dates
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GTKonnect C-TPAT

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Map cargo flow and identify business partners
  • Conduct a region threat Assessment
  • Conduct partner vulnerability Assessment and create Action Plan
  • Manage questionnaires, request responses and follow-up
  • Document how Risk Assessments are conducted
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GTKonnect Reconciliation

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Allows importer to file entry summaries with CBP with the best available information, with the mutual understanding that certain elements, such as the declared value, remain outstanding and will be provided at a later date
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GTKonnect Exports

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Automatically prepares, manages, and retains all standard and U.S. customs required export documentation, including: SLI, commercial invoice, packing list, Canadian Customs Invoice, NAFTA declarations, SED, etc.
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GTKonnect Partner Relationship Manager

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • One-stop solution for all your communication management needs with your trading partners.
  • Request /provide information from/to partners using request types
  • Respond to information requests from partners
  • Track responses and follow-up status
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GTKonnect Global Parts

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Easily upload or connect with ERP applications to load master data
  • Store Global reference data and maintain denied party lists, license requirements and ECCN numbers in addition to vendors, manufacturers, etc.
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