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Fully Automated Storage & Retrieval System


PowerStor™ is a pallet handling technology that provides the capability for the rapid storing and staging of large quantities of any size pallet in a small space.


Easily configurable


•any number of levels

•any number of pallets in a row – short or long - can be different on each side of the aisle

•different number of rows per side

•can work around odd configuration buildings

•Large number of pallets in small space

•High Throughput – as much as 200 pallets per hour per module

•Simple to operate

•Each level is accessible via catwalk by maintenance/operation personnel

•Redundancy of components prevents any downtime that impacts business operations

•Accommodates fire protection requirement

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inSite Portal

Product From iSystemsNow

For facilities and plants that require operational reports, searching, and system configuration, iSystemsNow has created a re-useable project framework called the inSite Portal. This is typically where our design session begins when developing a custom solution. inSite is able to interface with other business systems to collect and store information in a common database where it can then be manipulated and presented to understand your complete operational process.

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Automated Stacker Cranes & Aisle-Changing Stacker Cranes

Product From LTW Intralogistics, Inc
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OPM Automated case picking and palletizing system

Product From Witron Integrated Logistics

WITRON's OPM system is a fully automated case picking and palletizing system that can process up to 18,000 different SKUs (about 97% of the SKUs at one site alone).

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DPS Dynamic Picking System

Product From Witron Integrated Logistics

WITRON DPS is a Goods-To-Man tote based solution for piece and case/tote picking.  The DPS is designed such that fast moving SKUs have a fixed location while slow moving SKUs are presented dynamically as needed in the pick-front.  This innovative approach reduces the length of the pick-front/footprint, labor requirements and order processing costs, while increasing pick performance throughput, accuracy and quality.

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High Speed Flexible Pallet Delivery System


PowerStage™ is a high speed flexible pallet delivery system designed to operate either independently or in conjunction with a PowerStor™ system.


As the name implies, PowerStage™ is the PAS Americas answer to automated load staging. Controlled by PASWare™, PowerStage™ stages outgoing shipments without error and at incredible speeds. The combination of flexibility and performance creates for a more versatile and superior alternative to traditional pallet conveyor systems.

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High Speed Mixed Palletizing System


The PowerBuild™ was created to address the need of creating mixed pallets that fulfill unique, customer-specific orders. The design of the PowerBuild system is a revolution in palletizing technology; in fact, it's the only one of it's kind.

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The Pallet Runner® system is a high density storage system that allows you to store multiple pallets in a deep lane configuration. The system also gives you the flexibility of retrieving pallets from any lane with multiple SKU locations without driving into the system.

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Product From Interlink Technologies

WHSe-LINK® (Warehouse Link) WMS Software provides real-time, accurate inventory information and more!  Beginning in 1986, Interlink was one of the first companies in the nation to develop and offer warehouse management solutions (WMS).  In today’s competitive market it is essential that companies use technology to keep the supply chain on track with customer demands. Boost productivity, increase profits and make decisions confidently with reliable information.

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Product From Swisslog North America

Turn-key Intergrated Solutions, Logistics solutions, Softwware solutions, Implementation, General contracting, Mantenance & Operational Support, Parts support, Modernization & Uogrades.

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Product From UNARCO Material Handling Inc.

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems for product storage in any environment - Wet, Dry or Frozen.

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