Pivotal CRM

Pivotal CRM


Pivotal CRM for Manufacturing is an industry-specific solution that meets the complex needs of manufacturers, helping them integrate and manage their entire business while increasing their competitive advantage.

  • Capture, analyze and act on customer intelligence
  • Manufacturers can aggregate and analyze information across the business
  • Gives insight to guide effective decision-making

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Public Training Courses

Product From SAI Global: Training and Improvement Solutions

Food Safety
Quality - ISO 9001
Environmental - ISO 14001
Occupational Health & Safety - OHSAS 18001
Aerospace - AS9100 - AS9110
Medical Device - ISO 13485
Automotive - ISO/TS 16949
Laboratory - Calibration - ISO/IEC 17025

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POW for the Mobile Sales Force

Product From Ai2 - Access International

Ai2’s Pocket OrderWriter® (POW®) software solution provides your  mobile field sales force with the information and tools they need to be consultative and add value during a sales call.   This critical information will empower your sales team to increase sales and improve productivity.  POW helps you take advantage of all the capabilities of the Windows Mobile operating system.  POW provides the functionality needed so the sales rep can evaluate product distribution at the customer level,  generate orders, process return requests, print labels and receipts and more. 

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POET for Salespeople

Product From Ai2 - Access International

Portable Order Entry Tool – POET – is a Windows-based laptop solution for your salespeople.  The program’s rich-client functionality allows your salespeople to work on or offline as they build orders, manage margins, navigate history and search your price book.  POET interfaces to any existing ERP system and gives your sales force the tools they need to prepare bids and quotes, collect payment, keep an eye on competitors and much more.  POET® is the next generation of sales order entry software.  You will get the advantage Ai2’s decades of experience in providing easy-to-use, powerful, customizable software with the latest advances in the Windows operating system.  POET® uses fast, robust modern database technology and the capabilities of today's notebook and pen tablet computer systems.  You will save time, money, manpower, paper and fuel daily.  Contact Ai2 today to learn more about POET for your sales force and see a demo.

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Territory Pro

Product From Appian Logistics Software Inc.

Territory Pro helps you adjust and design sales, service, and delivery territories based on constraints such as sales volume, service time and/or coverage area.

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Product From Silvon Software, Inc.

The Silvon Stratum solution suite integrates with and leverages data from ERP, SCM, CRM and other BackOffice applications, POS systems and syndicated data sources into an enterprise-level data repository from which business users can perform their own planning and performance analysis.  Built-in sales planning, demand forecasting, inventory optimization, performance reporting and analysis, and scorecarding functionality enable users to plan and manage the performance of all aspects of their business and gain valuable insights.  These insights can then be used to improve operational effectiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, accelerate corporate response times and, ultimately, increase revenues, profits and greater efficiencies across their supply chains.

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Product From UpNet Technologies

UpNet's iEDeX is an innovative collaborative technology developed to facilitate data integration and data transformation.

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Product From Cascade Energy

SENSEI is an energy efficiency platform that helps corporations drive continuous and cost-effective savings. By connecting people to energy information, actions to results, and projects to measurable returns, SENSEI encourages a strategic approach to mastering energy consumption and cost.

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GTKonnect FTZ

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Integrate BoM/Inventory data to automate
  • Weekly estimate tracking, anti-dumping tracking and combined NAFTA entries
  • e-214, 3461, 7501, CBP Reconciliation Reports, FTZ Board Report, HMF, 7512, QP/WP
  • System tasks to ensure you don’t miss CBP or FTZ Board deadlines, submission dates
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GTKonnect C-TPAT

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Map cargo flow and identify business partners
  • Conduct a region threat Assessment
  • Conduct partner vulnerability Assessment and create Action Plan
  • Manage questionnaires, request responses and follow-up
  • Document how Risk Assessments are conducted
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GTKonnect Reconciliation

Product From Netwin Solutions / GTKonnect
  • Allows importer to file entry summaries with CBP with the best available information, with the mutual understanding that certain elements, such as the declared value, remain outstanding and will be provided at a later date
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