Global Price Transportation Index Ranks 51 Countries: U.S. Ranks 22nd

GoEuro (, the online platform that compares and combine trips by train, bus and plane throughout Europe, released its worldwide Transportation Price Index based on the train, bus and flight information for 51 countries across five continents.

The U.S. came in as the 22nd least expensive out of 51 countries ranked in the Global Transportation Price Index. Taking into account factors including distance, scheduling and taxes, GoEuro compared the cheapest bus, train and flight connections between the two most populous cities in each of the countries, among other routes, and analyzed the data in the price index. Countries were then rated according to average price per 100km for each transportation type:

  • On average, in the U.S., bus journeys cost $7.92/100km; train journeys $18.61/100km; and flights $10.36/100km.
  • The most expensive country for transport overall is Switzerland, where bus journeys cost $18.67/100km; train journeys $38.28/100km; and flights cost $125.07/100km.
  • The cheapest country for transport overall is South Africa, where an average bus journey costs $3.67/100km; train journeys cost $1.88/100km; and flights cost just $11.63/100km. 

The cheapest countries for train travel are South Africa ($1.88/100km), Georgia ($2.39/100km) and Egypt ($2.49/100km), whilst the most expensive are Denmark ($39.84/100km), Switzerland ($38.28/100km) and Austria ($32.16/100km).

The cheapest countries for bus travel are Egypt ($1.88/100km), Ukraine ($3.07/100km) and Thailand ($3.11/100km), whilst the most expensive are Netherlands ($28.58/100km), Austria ($23.45/100km) and Norway ($21.61/100km).

The cheapest countries for air travel are India ($10.36/100km), Malaysia ($11.43/100km) and South Africa ($11.63/100km), while the most expensive are Finland ($138.90/100km), Switzerland ($125.07/100km) and Lithuania ($116.72/100km). 

The full results and data from the GoEuro Transportation Price Index can be found at: