Apps Allow Grocers To Target Shoppers

Retailers have the opportunity to tailor their mobile apps to meet the needs of different shopper segments, according to Nancy Childs, a professor of food marketing at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pa., according to Supermarket News.

Childs, who is studying grocery apps as the focus of her Gerald E. Peck Fellowship at St. Joseph’s, was scheduled to present the second phase of her research on the topic on June 11 at FMI Connect.

“We are finding out that segmentation really matters,” she told SN in an interview previewing her presentation. “And if you want to be savvy in reaching out to specific segments of your shoppers, there are different things you can offer them.”

Childs based her research on a detailed consumer survey of 657 grocery shoppers who have mobile phones and are familiar with apps. She segmented those shoppers based on the DigitalLink shopper profiles identified by Chicago-based Information Resources Inc., and was able to correlate certain app preferences with specific types of shoppers.

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