The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: Interlinked Solutions For Interlinked Challenges

Every part of the world is caught in the “water-energy-food-nexus,” and because the challenges are becoming increasingly interdependent, integrated solutions that involve cross sector collaboration must be adopted, according to Ecosystem Marketplace. The concept is complex, but at its core, the nexus focuses on natural resource scarcity and management.

Ultimately, “nexus thinking” means implementing integrated solutions at an ecosystem or landscape level that enhance security and sustainability in all three sectors.

The food sector part of the nexus is perhaps the simplest to comprehend, according to the article. Water and energy are both needed to produce food, and agriculture consumes 80 percent of water resources. As populations and prosperity increase in places like India and China, people will demand more meat, which means a greater demand for corn and soybeans to feed animals. Some argue we’ll see a self-correction as the system implodes, taking with it populations and prosperity, but that’s not a solution – it’s a tragedy.

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