Systems & Programming Solutions Changes Its Name To ProShip Inc.

Systems & Programming Solutions, Inc. (SPSI), global provider of specialized shipping solutions and its subsidiary, Best Way Technologies (BWT) recently announced a new company name in conjunction with the sale of its assets to Neopost.  The SPSI company name has officially been changed to ProShip, Inc. as part of its new ownership. Headquartered in France, Neopost is the number two worldwide supplier of mail solutions and a major player in the fields of communication and logistics solutions.

This acquisition provides ProShip a multitude of resources and will enhance its existing global footprint allowing the company to continue offering the most effective shipping software, IT services, hardware and exceptional support.  As ProShip continues to expand across the world, teaming up with Neopost, customers will now benefit from its international presence in 29 countries.  

"Joining Neopost will allow us to further invest in the products and services we offer to our customers.” said ProShip vice president, John Berg. “As the market place continues to grow, we look forward to the opportunity to strengthen our global initiatives as well as remain committed to providing quality technology solutions in the U.S.”

In addition to benefiting from Neopost’s global resources ProShip will see the positive effects of Neopost’s dedication to industry innovations. The company invests five percent of its revenue each year in research and development in order to ensure the technology of its products is constantly advancing. 

ProShip and its long standing commitment to its customers and domestic presence will remain throughout the transition. To learn more about the company and its development, visit