Industry Week Cites Numerous Qualifications For Making Gartner Top 25 Supply Chains

Not every company is considered for the Top 25 supply chain list compiled by Gartner, according to a recent article in Industry Week. First of all, they have to be public companies. Second, they have to have at least $10 billion in annual revenues. Third, they have to be manufacturers, retailers, or distributors. Fourth, Gartner has so many exceptions to what constitutes an eligible company that it’s sometimes a head-scratcher to figure out exactly what kind of a “supply chain” Gartner is looking for.

For instance, any company that provides transportation or logistics of some kind — airlines, railroads, ocean carriers, 3PLs, etc. — isn’t included in the Gartner rankings. Also, quite a few hardcore manufacturing sectors are omitted, such as oil and gas, metals, mining, shipbuilders, and construction.

Those companies that ultimately do meet the strict Gartner criteria are then submitted to a group of peer voters, as well as a few dozen Gartner analysts, who nominate their choices for the Top 25.

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