Ground Beetles Invade Mid-Atlantic And Midwest

The large ground beetle, calosoma scrutator, also known as the fiery searcher or caterpillar hunter, has been invading buildings in the Mid Atlantic and Midwest states, forcing some businesses to close, according to McCloud Services, based in South Elgin, Ill., which specializes in food protection safety.

In Fairfax, Virginia, a coffee shop had to close temporarily due to the large number of the beetles on the exterior and interior of the store, McCloud Services reported. Also, Busch Stadium in St. Louis reported large numbers as the beetles are attracted to the lights. 

Businesses can control ground beetle invasion by taking the following measures:

  • Install the right type of exterior lights. If installing lights directly on the building, use low pressure sodium vapor lights, which are less attractive to insects than mercury vapor lights. If installing mercury vapor lights, install only at the property perimeter or on posts aimed at the building.

Use screens to prevent pest entry. Keep doors closed when not in use. If doors are left open for ventilation purposes, use screens to stop beetles from entering. Windows and vents should also be suitably screened to exclude insects.