5 Latest Trends in Sustainability, Including Locally Sourced Food

Sustainablog.org, a blog that covers sustainability, cites five key trends: cutting the carbon footprint, achieving zero waste, ethical fashion, locally sourced produce and pedal power. Cutting the carbon footprint is making real inroads into the mainstream consciousness. Achieving zero waste can mean any type of discarded material, from food waste in the home to agricultural and industrial waste. Ethical fashion is a philosophy and practice where the design and manufacture of clothing translates into benefits to workers and communities and minimal impacts on the environment. Local food sourcing offers many benefits over international sourcing, including shorter supply chains, lower delivery costs and more reliable and responsive deliveries. Pedal power refers to bicycle use; statistics from the 2011 Census show a 10-year increase of 90,000 people using their bicycle as the primary method of commuting in England and Wales, with 741,000 taking to their bikes in 2011.

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