RMP Launches WatchLock Padlocks Embedded With GPS Tracking And GSM Texting

RMP Security Inc. recently announced that they have become the master distributor for a new WatchLock padlock security system.

WatchLock locks are patented and embedded with GPS tracking and GSM texting security alerts offering real-time 24/7 continuous security without security patrol costs and management. Lock alerts notify you in minutes of break-in attempts so you can take immediate action no matter where you are. GPS maps all live locks and provides location, movement, and status of locks. Both GPS and GSM features are with worldwide coverage.

WatchLock padlocks are battery operated and do not require an interface to security or alarm systems, nor does it require any special preparation, wiring, or installation.

"WatchLock padlocks are the 'Ultimate Portable Gatekeeper'" emphasizes Mark Nielsen, Sales Director for RMP Security Inc. "These locks enhance security for both mobile and stationary assets, and unattended and unguarded assets. WatchLock padlocks are the only padlocks available with GPS and GSM communication and are an affordable way to high security protection of your valuable assets."

Watchlock is ideal for remote, restricted, sensitive, and problem areas while guarding and reporting against tampering, vandalism, break-ins, and assisting in recovering lost or stolen assets. Alerts are sent to your mobile phone, PC, or tablet. You may also use your communication devices to get the current status of any live lock, change designated geofence travel areas, change automatic lock reporting schedules, and obtain immediate
lock travel status reports and GPS location maps. Know when and where your WatchLock was accessed.

The WatchLock software suite manages the entire lock system. It provides a complete data base of locks and generates defined reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Reports can include lock history, lock violations, live status, events, geofence perimeter entries/exits, etc.

To read more, visit the RMP Website at : www.rmpsecurityinc.com