Petainer Offers New Preform 'Ready-To-Be-Blown' PET Jar

Petainer is hoping to start a PET trend for the jar food market with its petainerJar, a PET jar that can be supplied with short lead times either as a fully blown jar or as a PET wide mouth preform, ready to be blown by food manufacturers on their own premises as and when needed.

The petainerJar is more cost effective and sustainable than jars made from other materials because it weighs much less, which means more can be carried on a truck without breaching weight restrictions while making maximum use of the load space. In turn, this saves dramatically on freight costs and fuel consumption.

Transporting jars in preform format improves environmental performance since many more can be transported in fewer shipments, further cutting down on road miles. Preforms additionally offer operational benefits because they require less storage space.

Petainer manufactures the petainerJar creating an engineered preform made from its PET blend, which features a barrier technology for extended shelf life (if required), and maximized weight reduction in design saving materials, thus reducing costs. The PET petainerJar is also made from material that is fully recyclable.

The petainerJar is available in sizes ranging from 300 ml to 7.6 liters, with standard neck sizes from 63 to 120 mm, with the most prominent current sizes of 100 mm, 110 mm and 120 mm. Petainer offers a portfolio of jars and is able to work with individual customers to create a range that meet their exact requirements.

Petainer is already a supplier of PET preform bottles, kegs and water coolers to the beverage industry. The addition of the petainerJar to its packaging portfolio means the multiple advantages of PET can now also be enjoyed by companies in the food industry.

The company says that the petainerJar is perfect for products such as protein powders, but it is also suitable for a wide range of other food products, including coffee.

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