Village Farms Announces Launch Of Renewable Energy Project

Village Farms International Inc. recently announced they will be launching a renewable energy quad-generation energy project  to commercially produce renewable heat and food-grade carbon dioxide for its vegetable greenhouse in Delta, British Columbia. The project is a collaboration for Village Farms with Quadrogen Power Systems Inc. and FuelCell Energy Inc.

The project will also produce electricity and hydrogen for other commercial markets.

“Village Farms clearly leads the industry and its competition at large in technological advancements, environmental sustainability, and clean agricultural technologies”, Michael DeGiglio, the company’s president and chief executive officer, said in a press release. “As a company we are the most advanced in leading edge, highly efficient sustainable greenhouse growing technology in the world, and this project is yet another testimony of our focus in maintaining this commitment.”

Village Farms is set to host the groundbreaking for the project April 2 at its Delta greenhouse.

The project joins other environmentally-friendly practices at Village Farms, including the use of renewable landfill gas as an alternative heat source to natural gas. In that process, which Village Farms has been employing for the last decade, heat is supplied from a co-generation power plant owned and operated by Maxim Power Inc. and located on the Village Farms property.

Co-generation takes landfill methane gas that normally would have been burned at a landfill and turns it into a heat source that is safe for people and plants.

The new project takes that technology one step further, turning landfill gas not only into a heat supply but food-grade carbon dioxide, thanks to a system designed and built by Quadrogen and employing a stationary fuel cell power plant built by FuelCell.

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