World Bank: Aquaculture, Fisheries The Key To Future Food Security

A new study titled ‘Fish To 2030; Prospects for Fisheries and Aquaculture’ from the World Bank says aquaculture and fisheries will provide future food security when the global population will hit nine billion by 2050. Food producing sectors like aquaculture will be vital in providing nutrition according to the study, as crops will not be sufficient because the increasing population will occupy much of the land meant for agriculture.

“The world is getting more crowded in the face of global climate change, hence it is required to change the ways of conducting economic activities and fisheries and aquaculture can address these challenges as they offer a large potential of rapidly increasing fish supply,” the study says.

According to the study, during the last three decades seafood production has increased from 69 million tons to 93 million tons, while at the same time world aquaculture production increased from five million tons to 63 million tons.

“Currently observed trends projects that the total fish supply will increase from the current 154 million tons to 186 million tons in 2030,” the study said. 

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