360 Quality Pledges Support Of UN Save Food Initiative

International shipping group, 360 Quality Association, announced earlier this week that they have joined the United Nations Save Food initiative, which aims to reduce waste in food logistics. 360 Quality specializes in the cold chain, linking specialized reefer operators, terminals and stevedores with port-to-port reefer services.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates up to 50 percent of fruits and vegetables are lost globally between farm and fork, with transport and distribution accounting for 5 to 20 percent of the loss, depending on region.

360 Quality has developed the "360 Quality Code" for handling refrigerated cargoes in specialized reefer vessels which lays down technical and management requirements for vessels, terminals and trades. All of their members and affiliate members follow the code and are thus 360Q certified, certification for industries who need their perishables transport to be fast, direct and dedicated.

“With more than 150 reefer ships certified for exemplary quality from six different operators and 16 service providers all over the world in all the right places, we think we can make a difference,” Walter Wildoer, association chairman, said in a news release.

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