Dairy.com Adds Quality Assurance, Food Traceability With Acquisition

Web-based dairy supply chain solutions and market intelligence company Dairy.com announced last week that they have acquired QA Studio, a quality assurance and food traceability software provider to the dairy industry, to the Dairy.com family of software products.

“We are thrilled to add QA Studio and its team to our company,” said Dairy.com CEO Scott Sexton. “Today, nearly 50 dairy plants across the industry use QA Studio from the point of raw milk intake through creation of finished goods. At these plants, QA Studio gives quality assurance, food safety, and other industry professionals real-time laboratory and plant floor information. Adding QA Studio’s capabilities builds on an already strong set of Dairy.com solutions that improve customer operations, efficiency and, ultimately, profitability.”

The acquisition reinforces the dairy industry’s focus on gaining greater insight into food quality and safety, according to respected regulatory consultant Craig Nelson, who acknowledged QA Studio’s  Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS) ability to provide alignment with current food safety initiatives.

“Out of the box, QA Studio handles the traceability best practices outlined in the ‘Guidance for Dairy Product Enhanced Traceability’ standard,” said Nelson of Food Automation, LLC. “As we’ve seen, plant shutdowns can cost millions of dollars. The best way for plants to avoid a shutdown, not to mention a recall, is to have the right technology and the right processes in place.”

With more than 25 years of industry experience, QA Studio President Paul Jonson will join the Dairy.com team and continue developing and supporting the product. To see more, click HERE.