FloStor Engineering Signs With topVOX to Distribute Their Voice-Activated Technologies

Material handling systems integrator FloStor Engineering recently announced their partnership with topVOX Corporation, a voice recognition hardware and software supplier, stating that FloStor will utilize the topVOX technologies in their manufacturing and distributing automated systems primarily as a paper picking and sorting solution.

Voice activated technology is proven to increase the throughput and accuracy rates of automated material handling systems, and is adaptable for a wide range of utilities in a number of industries.  During product demonstrations, FloStor’s sales engineers were impressed with topVOX’s user-friendly design and its ability to maintain accurate voice recognitions regardless of dialect or accent.

“topVOX offers forward-thinking innovations and designs for voice recognition systems,” says Kevin Gray, Director of Sales for FloStor Engineering, “They have a proven product with a strong global presence. We think topVOX will provide a technology that will really benefit our ability to provide excellent automated solutions to our clients.”

“FloStor Engineering has the trust and confidence of the market leaders, proven in-house expertise and top-quality services and support,” adds Marceline Absil, vice president of marketing and sales for topVOX.

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