Port of Pasco Moves to Evict Green Power

The troubled and often controversial Pasco, Wash.-based biofuels company Green Power faces eviction from it's port property, for the third time, and the sale of its plant for failing to pay county property taxes.

It has been a rocket-slide fall for Green Power CEO Michael Spitzauer, who remains in federal custody after he was charged last month with wire fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering, as last week Spitzauer's lease expired with the Port of Pasco where he said he was building a plant to convert 100 tons a day of municipal solid waste into liquid and gaseous synthetic fuel.

Port Executive Director Randy Hayden said the port has started eviction proceedings for a fabrication building, a warehouse bay and the land in the Big Pasco Industrial Park. It will be the third time the port has tried to evict Green Power. It could take three to six months for the eviction to work through Franklin County Superior Court, Hayden said.

It's just the latest in a long series of legal troubles for Spitzauer who has been sued by investors and suppliers, convicted of lying on an immigration form and served prison time in Austria for a fraud conviction, as well as being investigated by the state for lacking air quality permits. He's accused of defrauding investors of at least $6.7 million in the past seven years, although his debts reportedly total more than $28.4 million including interest, according to court, county and state documents.

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