White Castle The Latest To Install Ordering Kiosks

Ohio-based White Castle is the latest fast food restaurant taking a step toward the future, rebuilding and retrofitting a restaurant in the hometown of Columbus that drops old-fashioned, go-to-the-counter ordering in favor of kiosks that allow customers to punch in their order and take a seat without the inconveniences and pressures of waiting in line. The White Castle news comes as casual dining chain Applebee’s announced it will install tablets in its restaurants enabling customers to order and pay straight from the table.

“It puts less focus on what causes customers the most stress – standing in line,” spokesman Jamie Richardson told the Columbus Business First . “This allows them to take their time and make sure they make the choices they want.”

Customers have the freedom to mull over their order and make their way to a kiosk – which are spread throughout the dining room – when ready. It also frees employees from the order taking, which allows them to concentrate on making the food and keeping the restaurant running cleanly and smoothly, Richardson said.

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