India Food Tech Firm Gets Funding For Expansion

Eruvaka Technologies, the maker of on-farm diagnostic equipment for aquaculture farmers based in Vijayawada, India, announced earlier this week that they have received funding from Omnivore Partners, an early-stage venture capital investor focusing on agriculture and food technology companies in India, that will be used to hire more people in its sales team and increase its reach.

Eruvaka manufactures on-farm diagnostic equipment which integrates sensors with decision tools for low-priced aquaculture monitoring and automation. It allows aquaculture farmers to actively monitor pond parameters and remotely control automated equipment (for instance, aerators and feeders). This can reduce cultivation risk, increase feed efficiency and allows for higher stocking densities. Its equipment, called Eruvaka Floating Buoy, measures in real time the water parameters that are crucial for shrimp growth and survival. This floating buoy is connected to a mobile app which has various interfaces for the aquaculture farmer including SMS, voice call besides Android and web apps.

“Eruvaka has been selling its patented Floating Sensor Buoy across coastal Andhra Pradesh since May and the firm is planning to expand to other regions in India in fiscal year 2015, and is also exploring export opportunities in South Asia and Southeast Asia,” said Omnivore’s venture partner Mark Kahn.

Eruvaka is Omnivore’s seventh investment in the country and the third this year. To read more, click HERE.