Ramar Foods Installs New Clean-Energy Fuel Cell Technology

Last week Ramar Foods announced the introduction and installation of a cutting-edge clean energy fuel cell by Bloom Energy to power its manufacturing facility in Pittsburg, California. The 200 kilowatt fuel cell will produce 1.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity and help to substantially reduce the facility's CO2 emissions.

The Bloom Energy Server is a new class of distributed power generation, producing clean and reliable energy for onsite operations. It converts fuel into electricity through an electro-chemical process rather than pollution-heavy combustion. The high efficiency, reliability and sustainability benefits make the system a versatile and cost-effective long-term investment for Ramar Foods.

"As part of our greater sustainability efforts, we've had our eye on a number of alternative energy solutions, and fuel cells make the most sense for our operations, which run 24/7, unlike the sun," said PJ Quesada, VP of Marketing for Ramar Foods. "Not only is the Bloom Energy server a great investment for our company and the environment, but the system is made here in California, which is very important to us."

The Bloom Energy Server will provide 65% of Ramar's electricity needs for its 33,000 square-foot manufacturing and packaging facility for the company's ten proprietary brands of Filipino & Asian frozen foods. The new technology will reduce the carbon footprint of Ramar's Pittsburg operations by over 400,000 pounds annually. To read more, click HERE.