Irish, EU Team Up for Ethiopian Sustainable Potato Project

Irish food scientists are collaborating with European partners to help Ethiopia develop sustainable seed potato systems in a project called, Developing Sustainable Seed Potato Production Systems for Improved Livelihoods. The project was originally set up as part of the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority's (referred to as Teagasc) new policy on international food security.

Teagasc is partnering on the project with Vita, the Irish NGO, Wageningen University and Research, the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research, the International Potato Centre, Arba Minch University and the Irish Potato Federation and if successful, the research will be disseminated to help local subsistence farmers, firstly in Ethiopia, and then across sub-Saharan Africa through a “Potato Coalition" according to this report from the Irish Examiner.

Teagasc director Professor Gerry Boyle recently Ethiopia to visited a pilot project in Ethiopia to see the Vita pilot project on sustainable seed potato systems, and explore the role of research-led agricultural development in the Chencha region. Vita CEO John Weakliam praised Boyle and his Teagasc colleagues for facilitating the use of the world class capacity of Teagasc in research, extension and education, in addressing the constraints to sustainable food production and improved livelihoods in Africa. To read more, click HERE.