Dow Offers New Ozone-based Food Safety Solution

Dow Microbial Control, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, is starting to release the news of positive test performances of their new Advanced Oxidation System (AOS) Certified technology that leverages the power of ozone to swiftly kill bacteria on surfaces and in the air. Ozone, a molecule composed of three atoms of oxygen, is among the most powerful oxidizing reagents available in the food and beverage industry, more powerful than substances such as hydrogen peroxide, permanganate, chlorine dioxide and chlorine gas, but the biggest downside of using ozone is difficulty in distributing it evenly and reliably to the areas that need to be treated.

The AOS system for whole room sanitization converts ambient air into ozone and combines it with a non-condensing humid atmosphere to create a vapor that completely fills the room. This vapor reaches deep into every corner, rapidly penetrating hidden areas in equipment, drains, air conditioning vents and fabrics. The sanitizer then fully dissipates, leaving no condensation or residues, making it safe even for dry environments such as bakeries.

"The food and drinks industry is always keen to hear about new technologies and approaches to achieving good hygiene,” said Lawrence Staniforth, contracts manager within the Heat Resistance and Decontamination group at Campden BRI, the United Kingdom’s largest independent organization carrying out research and development for the food and drinks industry. "New approaches to disinfection, including tackling microbial strains that might persist in the production environment, are likely to prove to be of increasing interest." To read more, click HERE.